Hemp CBD solventless rosin

Is anyone producing hemp rosin at scale? Would be interested to discuss genetics and nuances.

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There’s a hilarious TV show about this. he gets one of those absurd $130,000 sasquatch presses


:joy::joy::joy: that’s great, I’ll add it to the queue

Define scale and rosin.

I’d love to try anyone’s scaled rosin and enjoy it while I see tons of the same quality product.

Wait the ones with the metal rollers? Do they even work?

When i was researching presses years ago they were so damn pricy and not really convincing it was worth 50x the price of most presses


If your goal is to impress investors with a giant machine that drips goo they work quite well. I remember a dramatic build up in the show to the first press and them all cheering when some came out. lol

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