Hemp cbd extraction permits?

Me and a friend we’re thinking of getting some local hemp from a farmer close by and
I was wondering what permits are need to extract hemp to get cbd oil to make isolate. I’m thinking of closed loop extraction .thanks

Prolly a good idea to say what state your interested in getting licensing in.


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Isolate is so cheap you’re better off just buying it for whatever you end-needs are. You’ll spend more getting set up and permitted than it’ll be worth. Also, hydrocarbons are not the best option for distillate production. Ethanol is far superior, in this regard. The fact that you are even considering hydrocarbons for isolate production implies you have a lot of reading to do or a consult in your future if you want a successful business in hemp.

Unless you’re hopping on the “refined live resin” bandwagon nonsense you were talking about in the other thread or making dabables, no need for hydrocarbons.


In nevada or California. Is it as simple as getting a normal business license and getting a inspection by the fire marshal? I am just hoping its alot easier than than the cannabis business to get into

My first goal would be cbd isolate. Not distillate. But possibly in the future.

I’ll get you all set up for a small one time fee.

I suppose this is a little little too subtle. It’s a rough industry to break into with the current margins. While I am open to consulting on this, look at isolate prices, and the cost of a ethanol extractor, distillation unit, isolation tanks, and two solvent recovery systems, one for ethanol one for pentane or heptane… Also all the utilities to run those


People usually make isolate from distillate. While it can be made from crude, it is more prone to being problematic. The typical process is crude to distillate to isolate. The cleaner your input at each step of the process, the cleaner the output (and usually less work).

Licensing and permits, as mentioned above, are entirely dependent on where one lives. At a minimum, the department of agriculture for your state, the local fire authority, and the city builder’s office should be contacted to verify what is needed. They will each have requirements. It may be easier to get into hemp, but that does not mean it is cheap or not time consuming.

If your end goal is selling isolate, good luck. You’ll need more than that to make it. Doing it at scale seems to be about the only way to do it and not lose your ass on the ever falling profit margins. Even if you decide to run a conversion lab with purchased isolate, chances are, it’s gonna be rough.


Not looking at big time. I’m looking to make a product and advertise local

Still doesn’t change my points, there’s a lot of up front costs in both capex and opex before you’ll even have isolate, then if you are making a cpg of some sort there’s a bunch more as well as the time to make a formulation or two, and branding etc

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You can get pretty decent toll processing rates, then all you need to do is get the hemp turned into isolate then you make your product and sell it. If that works out you can do a facility of your own.
Hemp is in many ways harder to break into them canna because there’s no barrier to entry so the market is flooded


Step one: weigh distillate.

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By @future (long ago).

Which is why it was suggested you might have more reading to do…

If you want to use your hydrocarbon rig, be very selective about the hemp you extract, and get into boutique “cannabis” derived terpenes.


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