Hemp 60+acres planted/Extraction questions


First year planting in california after the farm bill passing. 65 acres planted out of 325+ planned. I was attempting to build an extraction facility that could run 5k-10k lb’s of biomass/day. I had the idea to run both SC-CO2 and ethanol extraction although the price is definitely a factor.

I had found the Rotary Evaps on ali-baba for a good price, not sure how reliable these are just yet. Currently, only have background experience with small scale extraction and felt the need to reach out asking what companies/machineries would be recommended.



I would recomend a consultant on this
@Siosis seems fair priced
But also the verified consultants on this side can give a good guide
Also the extraction spreadsheet gives an indication what you will need
Hope you have deep pockets for nothing is cheap @Siosis maybe is


Feel free to reach out to me. I’ll send you a DM with my info


Verified consultant congratulations :+1::muscle::man:

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Thanks boss


Thanks for the recommendation, will follow up @Siosis

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The import rotovaps will get the job done with a few mods like a liquid preheater, but the chillers they package with those rotos are absolute dogshit, and there’s been a bunch of threads on here about the various ways they fuckup. In less than a year on a team of 6x 50L rotos half the chillers shit the bed in one way or another.

If you’re serious about doing 5-10k lbs/day, once you get the ethanol separated from the plant material you’ll need about 50x large rotovaps and chillers, and your own power plant for all the KWh of power you’ll burn through doing solvent recovery that inefficiently.

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