Help !!!



Honner to receive your help so Brine wash low ph iT is to remove phenols
Keep You posted :pray::pray:


CBN is NOT RED. It is also NOT an isomer of THC or CBD, it is an oxidation product. This red CBN thing is a common misconception, because of the colored products that often co-occur with high CBN levels. What you have here is a beautiful example of the fact that CBN is a colorless molecule, just like CBD and THC… and it means you have isolated the cannabinoids from the phenolic oxides and other red color bodies. Kudos!


Lab report from the other “half” of the hexane/methanol 3% water expirement
So this report is Whats left in the hexane layer first pass on this No bentonite was used in the boiling flask
For the idea was to use iT on second pass


Clearly Some unidentified peaks in the chormatograhp
But No standerds available to read them :weary:
So guess i Will yust dissolve in ethanol and nano bubble away and do a second pass in a few weeks
By the way this fraqtion was
Black/dark dark red so we know Where the red went to
Since iT has almost No thc i wonder If the peaks Will break down to CBN


Or do a second pass with bentonite 2% boiling flask and see If Any thing rotates to known standarized valeu ??


Go on IG, look at Alexsiegel94 page and theres a whole post about leaving material out for like 6 weeks or 6 months or something, we tested before and after, on our own hplc system, same tech, same everything… zero difference in cbn content… i dont know why this is still a question… ive seen cbn in volume… its a light almost peach clear… looks like dull off white… certainly not red when concentrated…


@beaker CBN isolate is a white “powder”
IT is sold by the kg not the liter can confirm If not mistaken
So can @Photon_noir
And believe me My concentrate has No heu of red iT is yellow with >20% CBN


CBN is a white powder sold by the KG. Takes a lot of THC Dist to make CBN.


Beaker, please post your actual verified reviews… i know nothing of hundred of pages of scientific data that you speak of, and so much as to explain our test example as a garage experiment is to also say that you have no idea of the video or evidence i speak of… but you do, you were tagged in the evidence by alex because he had asked if he was able to prove the red had no correlation to cbn content that you would believe him. But you didnt.

The red we have actually found to be reversable with some tests were currently conducting with a former professor from UCSF who also currently works as a research chemist for a legal cannabis facility in oakland. Im amazed that with all the supposed chemist knowledge you speak of you havent mentioned a single other option, such as dimer or polymer, a cannabinoid doesnt need to degrade into another cannabinoid, we can confirm that thc can be changed to cbn using iodine and will be doing said experiments soon. But dont pretend to have hundreds of academic publishings to confirm your story without showing any of it. The info i have sent you ij the past is a procedure to follow, not a reason why the procedure is done that way, im not explaining that by going outside the acidic and basic pH regions you will protonate or deprotonate a cannabinoid… im just stating how it works and what weve seen, I sent you that info to try and help curb an old rumor and sent it to you in a very thorough and easy to follow step by step direction, you took it as an attack and proceeded to block me, then make some big long post about critics and whatnot.

I also have no idea who youre refering to about a “challenged by a respected chemist in our community”

I dont own any magic powder or magic bullet for fixing said issues, i make nothing off of giving away the stuff i do online, hundreds of people daily message me and tell me about how what ive posted them has helped then gain 10%+ on their test results, color, smell, or quality… and yet you think that by some means im speaking all this stuff because i have a product im trying to boast as the cure all? Sorry man, i dont work that way. You have entirely misjudged me.

The picture im refering to is a set of images on his page with actual side by side test results. Last i checked a $200k hplc wasnt exactly a home brew idea…

I dont know how me leaving questions or comments is me leaving “self promotion” there are tons of people i ask questions from on there, its a fucking community for fuck sake… we share and learn from eachother. I never once said your process sucked or anything, all i had were comments and questions to try and rrive the idea home and to see if you could check a few theories i have with your home brew method. Im not trying to point fingers but it seems like you pretend to be in a lab and to be above the methods of a real working lab by downplaying my own setup in my private R&D facility… this is not my only setup, but its where i develop methods to speed up our process and to perfect it… im allowed to get messy and im allowed to fail… but what i bring back has developed a company… legal compant… i actually dont even make anything from the heads i designed… i dont make anything from discovering hot condenser tel, bump trap tek, vac depths, wide bore… countless things…

It almost feels like you dont like me because youre jealous of what ive done… i dont know how else to explain this shit…

But either way, if you dont like me, why engage me? Seems pretty simple in my eyes, i ignore your posts and move on because at this point i view interactions ive had with you in the past as childish drama.


Wow really? Thats interesting, ive seen a jar and the test result saying a high content of cbn and it was an off clear pale distillate clear. How stable is cbn does it break down when in the crystal form?


Keep up the good work
I almost feel sorry for bringing iT up


Would it be possible to get a sample from you for our gc and testing systems? I can pay for the whole thing of course


I can try. We only produce 40 kilos of CBN a month and has been capped out for 3 months now. I can probably swing some samples. You can get a high CBN Distillate but it all comes from the same thing. We also grow High CBN Hemp for special contracts.


:pray: do send him Some for CBN has a great future in My opinion and having seen @BreakingDabs his revelations i hope hè finds SPD methods for iT


Are you using the iodine process? A sample would be great, we only need it to check standards on our systems.


Ive been able to verifiably test putting 100% of it into the tails fraction during an spd distillation, but never purified it further, my highest personal test was 19% cbn in my tails fraction. There was a high thc content but if you know when to do the mains/tails swap its pretty easy to keep your main body pure


What was the issue that this entire post was based around? Im still a bit confused as to the direction. Or whats the current issue maybe.


One of My holly grails is making CBN
Preferably without chemicals
So i use a nano bubbler with pure oxigen
Distilled the crude got fire yellow Distillate with 20%+ CBN Where is the red ?
Now that got answerd Thx again
Alot of isomerization happend Wich confused me for there was No lead
Still Searching for that You gave Some leads Thx again
And thats iT i often post for the valeu of learning and discusion as long as constructive
And thats iT :pray:


The merck book describes thc as a yellow resinous oil, so im not disputing that at all, i think full removal of color to the point of zero color is just a pissing contest because ive had test results show 99% and it look like dark mud in volume… the problem with most legal labs is the “account for percentage error based on system irregularities” so thc is usually bumped 10% just to “account” for this… our own tests are always 10% lower and so are most of the legal production facilities i work with… this is due to proper procedural use of standards put into the hplc system, you can easily degrade a test standard by leaving it for a few hours befoee implementing it into the system… this will give you the higher test result when you then test your sample… weve tried this and it works… thus we dont do it and always maintain that that extra 10-15% it takes to get 100% cannabinoids is a goal… not how high we can show our results at. The highest we have tested is 89%… which equated to a test of 99% with steep hill… we have hit 99% thca and that equated to a 107% test from cw… so we know our system isnt bugged… but creating a 99% test of thc is hard… thus we dont make claims about color of that molecule… we do however know that even pom volumes of carbon inside a fluid can make the fluid so dark it blocks light… this being the case… a polymer can be created on the surface of degrading cannabinoids as a type of anodizing process… this would not show up on a test unless we knew what to look for, and since the refractive properties of a liquid can distort the true depth of the color change, this surface layer may only be a few molecules thick, thus equating to a ppm quantity test result, so the actual substance may not even show up on the test, when we made the red oil from flash chromatography purified thc resin… the quantity of red was allowed to fill the vial… this equated to a much higher ratio, where we would hopefully see a rise in cbn content… we did not… the test is a verified test…

Scientists can be wrong… thats why its a theory… and lay people can be right… two people with different theories can also be right… but to simply not do the research and make claims with some false background of papers is not science… thats heresy… i dont pretend to be a chemist, i speak for some and from info inhave learned and tested… we do this regularly and its a job… not something we play in our bedroom with. So please leave me alone as it hasnt worked out well for either of us to have interaction.


Cbc is a common isomer from oxygen and heat… also registers as d10 as its a common area for those two peaks. I dont knkw about the generation of cbn with oxygen, ill have to check on that, i know theres a method using iodine, were close to testing it, i just havent had the time to set up the apparatus to purify the iodine yet. Will be soon. Ill be recording evidence of it