Help with Rotary Evaporator Gasket

I’m not sure if this is posted in the right place but maybe someone will be able to help.

I have a 50L rotary evaporator that needs a new evaporating flask gasket. If I Google this item I can find multiple where it is being sold. Some sale it as a set and some sale only the gasket (reddish colored). I’m willing to buy either. The problem is that every site that I have found has them back-ordered or no longer available. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? I am attaching a picture of the seal that needs replacing.

This seal is two pieces as you can see in the pic. I have seen the parts sold individually or as s set.


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Check alibaba all there roto’s are from china you might be able to find a new gasket aince you know the exact size.

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Thank You for responding. Unfortunately, I’ve checked Alibaba.

Even some of the wiped film manufacturers might have one i saw one on a YouTube video of gioglass that had a seal that looked like yours. Ive had the same problem next rime i ordered a few so i get where your at. The company you got it from doesnt have any?

I thought of that but I’m not sure where it was purchased.

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I can get you that seal a lot cheaper as I am a wholesaler for BVV- dm
Me and I’ll get you set up

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I just fabbed a replacement for a Buchi RE111 using a oil seal and a piece of polyethylene.
Easy lathe job if you know someone with a lathe.

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Don’t know where op is located but if anyone around the Denver-boulder area needs lathe services I can help them out

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