Help with build out

Hello. I’m am currently tasked with putting together a list of items needed to go from trim to pens.

I guess my first question is do most people prefer short path or wfe? At first I wasn’t looking at the lab society turn key 12l set up, but I eventuality decided on a pope wfe after seeing one in action.( actually I saw a vta but I’d made me look into wfe more)

After showing the investor a few options for wfe, he came back asking me about Chinese wfe setups that he saw. So I guess my second question is has nyone used a Chinese wfe? Do they put out the same results?

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Ask @QGA about the merits of WFE vs SPD :wink:

There are a number of WFE threads…

@DrJosh has his gear hecho en Mexico and distributes out of SoCal.

While we’ve got a number of active users that report using Chinese WFE units, I haven’t actually seen anyone report back on the machines out of Tijuana


What’s your budget?