Help needed: jacketed dual swing arm

So I’ve been trying to get the hot condenser tech to work for the longest time, ie get the red pushed past the rf. I’ve been unsuccessful, dabs informed me that the valve on the take off adapter acts like a heat sink an thus I wouldn’t be able to do hot condenser properly with it. This lead me to get the jacketed dual swing arm. I just got it and used it last run. It was a disaster, I used the same temp I always use on the condenser, which is 150-160c, and this lead to disty being pushed past the rf and even into the sidearm. Eventually I had to lower the condenser to 70c, which still looked like it persisted in pushing things past. It also still looked blood red in the rf. I’ve talked to the manufacturer about it and found out that I had lined it up proper. He also told me that he’d only seen that when the head was spitting, but my vapor temps were 175-185 through out the run.

I’m as confused as him about this and an therefore reaching out to you guys to see how you are running it. If I can’t remedy this or have to run it at lower temps it serves no purpose as I am trying to push red past, not make my setup longer.

Any help greatly appreciated.

What’s the purpose?

What s the size of the oilbath bath ?
How many liters ?

IT s probably the amount of heat the mantel gives you should lower temp
Another question what is your vac level during mains ?

Purpose is pushing the red past the condenser. Bf 198.5c vac between 100-200 micron. Lowest was 45 micron this run. It spewed at 200 micron. Mantle outside flask 210-220c. Need to check oil bath size. 7-10l I think.

It went down a little by turning the condenser to 70c.

Take off adapter is not good for this I already tried that and failed

Switched to single swing arms following @Kingofthekush420 setup

First condenser set at 155c

Second is 80c

Ofc I’m distilling hemp so it’s a lot easier I’ve been told to get good results


Does your oil bath temp rise when in mains above set temp ?
If so the condensor can t keep up
Meening to much thermal energie

No, it’s steady exactly where I set it.

I need to do a second pass. But I’ve tried without the adapter with the exact same results. I’m thinking of just continuing using it, cause that’s what got me 95-99.4% first pass runs, running real low and super slow.

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I’d go 150 first condenser on cbd, at 155 you’ll start to pull cbd, heck I’d even go 145 to be safe


Wait at 155 what pulls?

Cbd, CBD distills in my experience around 10 decrees lower then thc. 155 is for thc on the condenser

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sounds like your heater does not have adequate cooling at those hot temperatures, and since you said the heater temp readout is steady, it makes me think your heater is faulty, or you need to greatly increase the pump speed. if distillate continues to condense further and futher down the system, then the heater is simply not doing its job.

For now, run it lower, or if that doesnt work, take the GL fittings off your condenser and pour in as much distilled water as you can before it spills out. itll boil off and limit the temp to 100c, not true hot condenser, but enough to push some gunk out.

Long term, get a better heater recirculator, or get that one replaced.

Wait, what? The condenser IS at 150c. Why are you saying the heater can’t hold up? The issue is the jacketed swing arm pushing disty past the rf. Not the condenser not being hot enough.

According to every chart I’ve ever seen cbd has a higher BP than thc.

I’m distilling hemp biomass so… my understanding was that thc codistills with cbd

Who sold you a jacketed swing arm? you definitely dont need that jacketed. that might be the issue.

Im saying your heater may not actually be holding at 150c, even though its saying it is.

distillate condensing past receiving flask = too much energy from boiling flask + not enough negative energy in condenser = heater malfunction.

Whats the pump speed like? if your pump speed is too low or your themal fluid is too viscous then it doesnt matter what temp the heater is set to, theres not enough cold energy being pumped into your condenser so the distillate travels down system


Ok, I get what you’re saying, but I normally run the condenser at 160c with just the head condenser and it’s always condensed everything fine. It wasn’t till I added this swing arm that things went awry. So, yeah, at this point if you also say it doesn’t need to be jacketed, I just fell for another hype I didn’t need to fall for. Lol.

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Thc and cbd have the same molecular weight just about but slightly different boiling points because of how they are. Cbd has 2 bonds that can move where as thc doesnt have any, this allows cbd to boil easier because it can move where as thc cant. Or atleast that was the way I was explained it. Its like hexane and methanol. They have similar boiling points but why can I recover 2 times as much hexane on my roto as ethanol and at a lower temp? Because alcohol has hydrogen bonds which stick together and dont want to come apart where as hexane is a string of hydrogens and carbons. Everytime I’ve ever distilled cbd it was at lower temps then thc. When I ran that wiper at the normal terpene strip parameters for thc (158) I pulled CBD. This never once happened when I’ve ran thc. I had to terpene strip at 150 in order not to pull any cbd. On my spd, same thing I have to run her 10 degrees cooler on cbd. Idk maybe its just me


Did you see my post on decarbing with salts to create cbn and d8 and stuff?

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