HELP Lube in distilate

Is there anyway to get it out of my distillate? I warmed it up and some floated to the top…not all and that is still tough to get out

Redistill it

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UGHHHHH that is my only choice?

What kind of grease did you use? Whats the final application for the distillate?

likely carts for the distillate used DOW corning vacum lube

I just had the same problem from some oem grease in the cart filler, since it will be smoked i think redistilling is the only safe option

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Use distillate to seal your receiving flask joints to avoid this kind of contamination.


It takes so long to go through the short path…

how do I do this exactly

instead of grease on your joints you use distillate.

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how do i do it

put on glove. put pea sized drop of distillate on finger. run finger around the top 50% of inside of receiving flask joint. put receiving flask on cow/distribution adapter.


you dropped your spoon there buddy


i dont have to warm it?

can I use it on my cold trap beakers as well?

helps to spread it on there if it is warm. you can use it on cold trap beakers, however there shouldn’t be anything worthwhile in the cold traps anyways (depends on your distillation methodology) so no real point in trying to protect it from potential grease contamination.

You will need to take a little more care when taking apart the joints as it will be more difficult than if you used grease. Warm the joints slightly with a heat gun, then gently twist them off.


Also as a rule in general anywhere you are using vac grease on a short path system you should be using as little as you can get away with. Any excess will typically work its way either out the top of the joint or the bottom of the joint, into the receiving flask/boiling flask/whatever. Super light coatings, and as I mentioned in the previous comment only apply to the upper half of the joint to minimize contamination risk.

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Bf to head = vac grease
Head to cow = distillate
Cow to RF = distillate


@SauceBossNW knows what’s up

If people are going to smoke it, you should redistill… as much as that sucks, I guarantee you won’t make that mistake again…

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distillate from head to cow? it still turns under vac? I use grease at this joint as it has virtually no chance of contamination but I do all male cow joints with distillate

Yes, its normally warm at least. And I always use a heat gun to warm the joint before turning.

This is baby steps that should have been known before running a spd system. Not trying to be an ass, but the spoons be spewing lately vs actually searching and a little goes a long way. 02.

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