Help Fam - First Pass on SPD

Hello Amigos,

I’ve been on my AI 5L mantle since 8:30am, and now it’s 12:10pm . I’m 225 /226 Celsius on mantle and 23.2 Celsius Head temp. I’ve been hovering right at 23-24 for the last 3 hours. I have to mention I already distilled terps yesterday for almost 6 hours, just trying to get to Body.

Is this normal? I’ve never expereince this before .

Appriecaite it any feed back, thank you in advance =)

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Whats your vacuum gauge reading?


What is your condenser temp and vac level? Got a good stir going in your flask?


How much oil in boiling flask ?
How much cfm on the vac pump ?
Vac depth ?
Insulated your head ?

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I have about 1900g in a 5L flask. My apolologies, I don’t have a vacuum gauge, only a vacuum gauge regulater. I just ordered a Vacuum gauge, running a Welch 1400 vacuum pump.

current readings:

68 C on Head (climbing)
250 C mantle

1200 RPM.

26.79 nHG - Vacuum regulater

Thank you guys

Condenser , set at 25 C

Pushing your luck he !
Ok insulate your head with aluminium foil
Raise condnsor temp as high as possible


And that vacuum regulator say s 26 hg
If so aboard this mission because you have a major leak in system
If you do decide to abourt mission leave vac running till all has cooled down


Need a deeper vac, mayne

You should be at around 300 micron in heads max
This is very far off


Please aboart this mission
The odds of making a decent product are none really
I like guiding but this is a no go


Sounds like I need a deeper Vac correct? Currently in the process on getting an Edwards 30 or AI SuperVac 21 and intergrate with the Welch 1400.


Get the edwards has a WAY better vacuum curve
Get a gauge
Ask me any thing anytime


This is the correct picture

Yeah, that’s terrible

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Can you show pictures of your glass setup?

Thats even worse
Turn of the heat let the vacuum run get a good gauge and move on from there
The pumps cfm is way to low

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I wish i could i am in exile at the moment :grin:
But i will soon


Rouge I meant if @Mister_Greenfuego could show his setup. i think we could help better with more info.