Help!!?! decarbed wax has small crystals forming I have a few questions

So last night I was prepping my concentrates for my edibles. What I do is decarb in a mason jar then add my coco oil and lecithin and bake away. Anyways back to the decarb part I collect any residual wax in my equipment glassware etc. I’ll winterize this stuff and use for my edibles. Anyways I had about 8 jars and I decided to Marry my decarb material into 4 jars so there is less to keep track of. I take some acetone to marry them together. Each jar has a different amount since they have different purposes. The two jars that have more product in them has a nice speckles of shiny grain sized crystals(I assume they are crystals) is my material not decarbed enough or could it be I had a strain higher in cbd and I have cbd crystals forming. If it’s the latter how much does cbd affect medication. For example is it possible to use low ratio of cbd to thc for the thc to still be felt. If that is the case and I do 4:1 of thc to cbd or 2:1 would I need to put a little extra medicine for the effects to be felt if I dosed it at the same mg or would I need to account for the difference I would at that particular ratio and up the dosage slightly. For example let’s say I use 100 mg for my edibles and I decide to mix cbd in at 4:1 ratio would I be fine keep my dose at. 100 even thoUgh it’s less thc or would I need to make my edibles be dosed at 125mg to make up for the difference.

Thank you In advance guys

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