help carts

looking to start producing carts, i have a few questions if anyone experienced could dm me that would be great

cart making has been covered in tons of threads. If you check the search feature you will find a lot of results, otherwise there are quite a few verified consultants on the forum that would be happy to walk you through it for a fee

  1. Don’t use shit distillate
  2. Don’t use shit carts
  3. Don’t use shit terps
  4. Don’t use shit cuts
  5. Don’t use fake packaging

Carts are so cheap and hard to sell right now you might want to just broker them


not over here in canada, i used to live in Arizona and carts were going for $15 a half

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@qma is the resident cartboi


it’s hard getting distillate where im from, i was thinking of making shatter carts

@qma what wattage should i use for this style of cart?


ive been making shatter carts for 2 years now. I too live in a state which its hard to get distillate.

First you need to winterize the shatter. You need to remove the excess waxes and lipids from the oil, so that the waxes and lipids don’t clog the cartridge. Search winterizing, im sure its been covered here quite a bit. The equipment inst too expensive, i got a 1 liter vacuum flask, high quality CoorsTek buchner funnel, and a small pump for ~$150. Add the filters and your under $250. Ethanol is the hard part. Depending on what state you live in, obtaining high grain none denatured ethanol can be hard. I dont live in a state where its legal for private use, so i have to order mine online. I actually use amazon, XFB 200 proof organic ethanol, expensive but very high quality ethanol.

Once you have your gear, mix shatter and ethanol 1:10ml ratio, so 10 grams : 100 ml ethanol. Freeze as cold as possible, 24 hours if you only have a standard home freezer. Also freeze some more ethanol and the buchner funnel, so you can set the filter paper with cold ethanol and keep the whole process as cold as possible. When the shatter is mixed with the ethanol and its in the freezer for a long time, the plant waxes and lipids freeze and become swollen and dense, while the thc and other cannabanoids dissolve into the ethanol, when the solution is fronzen you can actually see the layers separate. When running the buchner funnel, the swollen frozen chunks of waxes and lipids will get stuck in the filter paper, allowing the clean ethanol solution to be collected. I filter with 2 grades of paper, first a 6 micron filter, then a .6 micron filter.

After you have winterized the oil, evaporate the ethanol and vac purge to remove any residual ethanol. You can then add some terps, heat to around 160’f and fill carts. Ive processed flower to cart many times like this and ive produced hundreds of carts. Using nothing but authentic ccell carts ive had minimal failure rates


pretty sure you need a 220v plug for those


How about you do some reading, then ask your (remaining) questions where the answers can help others as well?

Do you think your questions are unique? Awesome. Still a good idea to check first.

Im guessing you’re not even amoung the first thousand who came here looking for that info…(and only a fraction of those had to ask to find what they needed)

so look around a little before asking for a hand out. (You posted in cannabusiness…there’s a spot explicitly for carts.) has a LOT of information behind it.

Your experience here will be more useful if it includes learning how to learn.


That is a super rare cart that relys on the power of one’s bank asking far to many questions


if you’re getting shatter to start with it’s already going to be winterized

might be winterized…certainly not a given. Nor a requirement to achieve “shatter”.


We might have different regional terminology but glassy, brittle shatter has been winterized and is completely transparent and stable. Maybe pull and snap and the more taffy like stuff isn’t winterized but we don’t call that shatter

I’ve been making transparent glassy shatter for a decade and I never winterized until I started making carts. Some strains will be more waxy, but the majority of the oils I produce are glassy hard shatter. I only use handheld glass tubes and the largest tube holds 2.5oz. I can even repack the tube and get a 2nd pass, and still produce glassy transparent shatter.

So he’s right, just because it’s shatter, doesn’t mean it’s been winterized.


What are you using for a solvent? Shatter and winterization have always gone hand-in-hand around here. That’s impressive that you can get that without having to winterize. I’m sure your terps are much better than the virtually odorless slabs I see in our dispensaries. The plastic dram has more smell than most of the shatter

I use butane. I don’t process enough material to spend money on a better set up. I thought about buying a column with a sleeve and trying to winterize while I process, but my runs vary from 1-10oz. I have glass tubes that will do 10.5g, 28-32g, and a 70-80g. I can pack my two large tubes and process 10oz in a matter of hours.

I just never needed to winterize because it didn’t matter. If I ran some hippy slayer, which was always super terpy and waxy, it wasn’t rock hard shatter, but nobody ever complained. I only learned about winterizing when I made my first carts, I used rock hard glass shatter, mixed in some terps. After 24 hours on a hot plate, the fats separated, I had no idea what it was at first, so I just stirred it up and filled some carts, it wasn’t much and when mixed up and filled carts, it looked fine. Problem is, as the carts sat, the fats and waxes separated inside the cart, the fats and waxes settled at the bottom completely clogging the element. I wasted lots of shatter before coughing up the $200 for a Büchner funnel set up.

Recently I bought some crumble from a friend, got 4oz of crumble. This stuff was so waxy, I had never made anything like it. With my shatter, when i dissolve it in ethanol, at room temp it looks golden clear, you can’t see the fats and waxes until the ethanol is frozen, then they become swollen, fat and settle to the bottom. With this crumble, it was so waxy that you could see the oil, fats and waxes separate at room temp, at room temp the solution looked chunky, it blew my mind. After a freeze, one filter with a 6 micron filter paper, and two filters with a .6 micron filter, I ended up with beautiful clean oil ready for terps and carts. I lost 22% total weight, started with 100g, finished with 78g after filtering. The crumble is jack herer, which was always waxy when I ran it, but I was shocked. It was so much wax, that I had to change my 90mm filter paper after 500ml of solution because the filter was so saturated it became clogged.

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You need a hookup for distillate in Canada, holla at me, labtested for heavy metals and pesticides.

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