Heidolph Unimax 2010 - Platform Shaker

Item Model/Manufacturer: Heidolph Unimax 2010 - Platform Shaker
Description: Purchased New and Lightly Used

Would you love to utilize a platform shaker which provides you with many possible movements?

• The Unimax 2010 is a large model and accepts a load capacity of 10 kg for high sample throughput
• The shaking orbit of 20 mm performs a gentle motion for sensitive samples and supports culture plates and Erlenmeyer flasks
• Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the digital display from 20 to 400 rpm
• Increase your sample throughput with the optional multi-tier attachment for a variety of vessel sizes
• An analog process timer allows for unattended operation and can be set from 1 to 120 minutes. When the set time has elapsed, an acoustic alarm will sound, and the operation stops.
Price: asking $4,000 obo + buyer pays shipping
Current location of item: Santa Cruz, CA
Estimated lead time: depends on shipping option or local pickup
Fulfillment: Direct from seller

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Is this 110v?

How many hours do you estimate are on this???

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Yes, 110v.
I’ve used this shaker for less than 20 hours.