Heating mantle (non-Chinese!)

Just wondering what opinions are on heating mantels non-pid non Chinese!
Finally got everything up and running and my mantle went, just not heating anymore. Opened it all up and the heat wires were all crumbled and burnt. I’d like to find something that is not going exactly break the bank but I don’t ever wanna have an issue again either.



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Why on earth would you not want a PID on there?

Yeah, glas-col will sell you a controller without a PID, but other than saving $, I don’t understand why you would want one



What @Dr.stanky said Glas-col is bangin


Well I’ll Tell you I have two mantels now 1. 10 L in 1. 5L and I might be wrong I very well could be but I heard that the PID swings a lot more than a WATT controlled unit Mine has a 10° swing

Glas-col charges more for their PID controllers…and folks gladly pay that premium.

A mis-trained PID may well overshoot.

A well trained one will not.

The issue is one of mistuned devices/misinformed users, not a problem with the technology.

Maybe read up on how they work.



So run the autotune feature!

Chances are it’s never been run.

So you’re asking it to do calculus for you, and haven’t given it the information it needs to get that math right for your use case…


You hire a caterer for an event.
You tell them 200 guests.
You invite 30 people.

Would you be surprised if there was food left over?!?

If you don’t train your PID, it will fail you. Just like the caterer did when fed incorrect data


We have some here but they are PID and do not have an analog/knob option. I’m sure I could find you a different brand without the PID control, but you would probably prefer ours

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After reading a couple of the above articles I’m not sure the PID is the problem just seems out of the box with no instructions no manuals it does what it wants to do. There is a point of “too cheap”


The alternative to a PID is just a thermostat/rheostat: they’re waaayyy more likely to overshoot


Anyone got access to the fine manual for the Fanbolun Zncl series mantles?

Need to drop it into auto tune, and it’s 1/2 way round the whirled.

My usual strategy of simply exploring the available buttons is not an option…

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J-kem make very good temperature controllers if that’s the way you want to go.

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Hacking extant mantle to run off a j-Chen controller isn’t a horrible idea…but I doubt it’s one I can implement remotely.

I only have the two page USA labs manual, if you find a more detailed one I would appreciate it as well

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Same mantle?

#^^>^^! Thought it looked familiar …I might even have one on site I can torture

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Pretty similar, might have some cosmetic differences

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Thank you Dear Bro!


Can’t get AT mode, despite having AT button…


USALab support suggested long press on set button, then set “Lc” to 0009, or 0103 (then press heat).

Not a win on the controller I’ve got in front of me, but apparently there are several versions…

See if this one gets you any further.

Haven’t tried the specified incantation yet…

FBL_ZNCL-T_Heating_Mantle_Maual.pdf (842.1 KB)

Edit: Doesn’t work for the mantle I have…


Pull a vic science manual.