Headed west with FREE samples

I’m gonna be headed out to Portland for the Oregon Hemp Convention to represent my processing company Asheville Extracts. This will be my first time in Portland as well as our first time as a company attending one of these events. We do not have a booth as I plan on seeing as much as I can while in attendance and giving out dabs to anyone willing to provide honest feedback. I’d love to meet as many of you amazing people as I can while I’m in the area so if you’re interested in trying out our products hit me up! Also of youre not going to be in the area but have suggestions for a Portland noob I’m open.


Ill be meeting some friends there, if i can find your booth, id love to exchange samples with you. I got some cool CBD isolate based products.

Food. Portland rules supreme. Check out pdx.eater.com


What future said. Some of the cheapest best food you’ll ever find around

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Yeah food, beer and coffee here are all pretty top notch.

For food I’d recommend checking out some food carts such as Bing Me, Nongs, Matt’s BBQ or Potato Champion. Also there is a new Thai Texas bbq fusion spot called EEM that is ridiculously good.

Beer - Breakside and Ecliptic are my favorites

Coffee - Case Study and Coava

Feel free to dm me if you want any other recommendations or if you want to meet up at all. Always down to grab some food with other industry folk


Voodoo doughnuts is always a solid place!!! Alot of food places claim to be world famous and its all BS, voodoo actually is worthy of the title!!

Honnestly downtown portland is sooo loaded with excellent eateries, you could throw a stone and hit a place that has dank food.

Thanks for all the awesome recommendations. I’m getting so amped up for this!