❀️ HD9, HDD9, Hemp D9, THCA oil, THCa πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž Isolate & Exotic Cannabinoids THCp, and more

Its Good News Friday :kiss::heartpulse:, I hope everyone is working on their tan :beach_umbrella:, Final days of Summer :sunny:

Our 95% HD9 THC is looking better than the sun, and its available even when the sun isnt :laughing::laughing:

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Hey would like to know more details, how can i DM you ?

Sent you a DM

Sent you a dm

Hi @RobotB seng you a DM back

Just coming off the Line. These HD9 liters are looking like :fire::fire: :fire: every day!! Light Yellow Honey :honey_pot:

Power :zap::zap: Up with this oil, take your brand to the next Level

Free USA Shipping on single Orders

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:gem::gem: Prepare for Winter , grab yourself some :snowflake:frosty :snowflake: white THCa Diamonds :gem::gem:

99% THCa


No Flash

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:zap::zap:Leaders :zap: cast a long shadow, It’s the culture you create through your actions, decisions, and communications…Go out there and cast your shadows :100:

:heartpulse: Future4200 Family

These are 99% THCA :gem: DIAMONDS :fire:

Size: Medium Large mix

Size: Medium

Size: Medium Close up


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Hi boss,

Could you please DM


I sent you a DM

Please reply to me klplug69@gmail.com for liter

@Klplug69, I dont email. Im going to DM you instead

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I am interested in THCa Distillate and Diamonds!

Hi @southernsmoke, I sent you a dm

Who is ready for More HD9 THC??

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As promised :pray:

:kiss:**OMG!!**:kiss: 96% HD9 THC oil Distillate :100:

Light Yellow :honey_pot: Honey :honey_pot: Looks so yummy :yum:

DM us for information

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:star2: Hi :wave: Future4200 Fam,

:heart: BIG Love :kiss::kiss:

If your looking for a price sheet on cannabinoids. Hit us upl!! and we can provide a customized quote tailored :sewing_needle: for your needs.

We offer discounts on multiples.

Let us know

Hello please email me or Dm but preferably email whereisoctopus@proton.me

Interested in bulk amounts of isolate, diamonds, and hd9

Absolutely :100:

I sent you a DM