Have you tried a 4 holes all ceramic cartridge?

Made of all ceramic, the oil will not touch with any metal so the oil color will not change after storage
Ceramic material better than metal, Cannasafe tested lead and cadmium free, it’s healthier
4 intake holes, the oil runs to the inner heating base more uniformly, better taste
Many mouthpiece options to enrich your brand building

Message me for free samples
Whatsapp: 86+138 6637 6812

0.5ml & 1.0ml are available, the hole size is 1.3mm(L)*1.2mm(W) *4

here is the Cannasafe report

Do you have pictures of actual carts or just renders?

Add my whatsapp to get more actual cartridge picture and free samples, have a good day :innocent:whatsapp

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Do you have an actual link for us older folks who dont use qr code scanners?


That WhatsApp shit. I’m even older, how about a dm?


Dm please

Sent a DM, pls check :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sent, pls check. Also can contact me by email. My email is landy@yarktech.com

Here is the feedback i get from others yesterday, looking forward to your comments :call_me_hand:


DM me if you don’t receive the email or pls check your spam folder, there are many catalogs, so… :joy:

The “free” sample cartridge comes with a 35 dollar shipping charge, just as a heads up guys

Thank you for that, the shipping cost will be refunded by the next order. We are an ordinary factory that has to feed hundreds of workers, not a philanthropist, the samples we provide for free are not only for 10 people, we need to bear the cost of more than 1000 copies each time. And usually the freight is $25, but it goes up to $35 before the CNY holidays, hope you can understand :grinning:


I would understand if it was more than one sample cartridge. It’s basically paying 35 dollars for one cartridge which is a little ridiculous


Don’t worry about that, we will send the catalogs, you can choose some other samples like batteries, packagings, disposable pens etc. and send them together, which is very cost-effective. Besides, we habe many styles of free packaging samples to send, email me for the catalogs. (landy@yarktech.com) Have a great day! :partying_face: