Hashfight.me vs ExtractorWars.com

I wanna see talent vs talent

So… I guess I’ll start this thread up.

Hashfight.me seems interested in 1v1 duals in this market. I however want to see the big finale of us all competing. I’m not short on funds so I’m opening this up to try and establish the event once a year or twice a year that has everyone deserving a booth of their own competing…

Word is hashfight is gonna happen soon and more frequently. I am excited for the concept and want to offer my assistance for a big annual competition.

I have a group subject in the toking lounge (Extractor Wars) you or anyone is welcome to participate in.

I hunger for seeing talents showing up annually to compete. 1v1 are nice ideas for realism but I’m shooting for the stars with my concept. I’m genuinely thinking Vegas for booths to install with an active license there and allowing of gambling…

This is your invite to make a legitimate competition amongst us all. Since boxing matches at future events aren’t appreciated I’ve also opened up the concept of legitimate 1v1 boxing / martial arts combat competitions for those who can’t compete without their skills or have beef to squash.

@sidco you’re tagged because I know you handle their web stuff. So this is my invite to your team vs mine.


To set the mood…


Hashfight.us :heart:


XD loved seeing the Oklahoma stuff. Hopefully we can get a big event some day and see everyone competing in a friendly environment.


Was that media fantastic!?! So much fun


No one pulled out a knife, or pistol!

What kind of fight doesn’t have that one guy that feels the need to pull out a butterfly knife, and begin to swirl it around majestically only to lose concentration clumsily tumbling the blade to the floor narrowly missing his toe as the tip sticks to the floor through his worn down Birkenstocks?
Doesn’t sound like any kind of fight I know of!
Just kidding, glad something finally happened!

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