Has anyone tried mining diamonds in the final pacakging

Don’t know if this is a super dumb idea.

I was thinking of buying one of them big ol’ pressure paint vessels.


^ something like that one… There’s a few rated to 100+ psi that seem ideal.

I was thinking about filling it with 250-500ml jars or something. But then I got to thinking.

Is there any reason (other than initial effort?) To not etch the bottoms of a bunch of 2mL glass containers. Then just grow a few hundred individually packaged diamonds at a time? just build some wire shelves inside, or stack them carefully. The biggest drawbacks I can see would be the initial trial and error to figure out how to exact the final weight (but you can just shoot to be under, then just add a bit to top it up).


Anyone have any thoughts? Am I smart? Am I dumb?

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The problem would be ensuring the weight is proper in each jar after solvent evaporates

Also you would need to homogenize the mixture before pouring otherwise some jars would be all terps no diamonds and vice versa


I’m pretty sure bvv just came out with something kinda simular. A larger pressure vessel for multiple diamond runs with a shelf separator I’ll poke around and see if I can locate that video I saw it again and share it

Bro I have the same thing it’s my pressurized vacuum oven. BVV has a cool reactor for diamonds but it’s pretty lame design considering they have one sight glass on their lids


Yeah and that sight glass only sees the top shelf. I forgot about your pressure oven!


My oven is pretty expensive however(10k). I’ll build anyone a reactor similar to the BVV one out of triclamp parts. Dm

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But if you had it homogenous before you poured into the jars, it should come out nearly the same no?

Stir it up! Stir It Up Bob Marley and the Wailers Stir It Up - Google Search

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I’ve got a high shear homogenizer. Should be good to toy with

No dont use that with flammable solvents. Just play some rap music and use your wrist Father - Look At Wrist - YouTube

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Should be a good afternoon