Has anyone found a pump that can pump molten resin or distillate?

I am looking for a way to transfer material from vessel to vessel and would like to actively pump so i can set a specific flow rate. Has anyone found a jacketed pump that could do this? I found some industrial pumps, but they are rated in the 10’s of gallons per minute, which is much higher then i need.

Peristaltic pumps work, check @beakerandwrench on instagram and you’ll see an example of it used.


gear pumps are a good canadate as well, use jacketed feedlines.


Could you provide a good example model? I’ve seen these used for hydraulic fluid in fabrication machinery, but was unaware they could be used for this application.

there are a couple of companies who make gear pumps with small holdup (30-50ml) with les than 3cc/rev recommend using a VFD. you may hae to use a gear reducer depending on your desired flow rate

I like this one, I think it’s .91ml per rev. http://www.davis.com/Product/Gear_Pump_System_Cavity_style_Pump_Head_316SS_PPS_PTFE_0_91_ml_rev/DO-74445-25


I need something that can take up to 250-300°C, maybe more… any suggestions? For hot oil circulation, I guess viscosity wouldn’t be so tough to work with as opposed to cannabis resin.

Graphite seals?

Not yet sure flow rate is needed but I’m guessing something like 15-30 L/min

The consulted engineer requested gear pumps, but maybe something like this would work:

for a circulator?

Yes, for heated oil circulation

get an over head motor type one, like the ones used in chillers.https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F252497611489
look to the back, see the can? there is an impeller in there driven by a motor on a shaft. The pump cam be made all from metal.
something like this too

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Is it a centrifugal pump? Magnetically driven?

driven via shaft

haha. Centrifugal?
Shafts can be driven by magnets too by the way

What do you call those “can pumps.”

sorry, yes it’s centrifugal

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What about for low pressure (vacuum) operating pressures? I’ve never used a magnetic drive centrifugal pump that liked low pressure operation.

woulden’t work for vaccum applications, better suited to pump hot/cold liquids.