Has anyone ever heard of this to increase cannabinoids/terpenes?

Creating a higher brix level

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You don’t think it will I’m improve trichomes or potency any ?

I’m pretty sure I have read good things about that jasmonate

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I’m saying that’s what this does. A higher brix content in your soil & for your plant will undoubtedly produce a higher resin production & coverage. Giving the microbes in your soil/plant sugars to feed in will increase this.

That & using @AgTonik AGT-50


If you throw a cannabis plant into SAR with jasmonate, chitosan, salicylic acid or knotweed, it may have more trichomes, but it is going to be at the expense of flower production. Believe me, I’ve tried all of them.

There’s no magic bullet here. The best way to get more potency is good growing habits with good genetics.


I know the guy who owns this patent

His ig is theyogibear13

Great dude and smart as fuck


So everything that happens in the plant is controlled by hormones. Every single change. If you want longer or shorter internode distance, if you want a pole plant or a bush, if you want to increase yield or trichome coverage, it’s all possible.

But the plant has to focus on one area at a time. Like AG said, SARs in general tend to tell a plant to stop producing new growth and instead produce protective compounds.

If you aren’t already at the very top of your game, fully dialed in, than the best way to increase hormone production is just grow happier plants. Increasing hormones when a plant can’t take advantage of them will cause a rebound in the other direction.


People have been doing this for at least a decade now:

No need to patent public knowledge

You can trim live plants before harvest, and the plants will produce Jasmonates thinking they’re being eaten.


Brix content is a good way to measure plant health using a refractometer

An even better way is to measure that sap’s ph



That’s what I’m using now @AgTonik but mud fulvic for the smaller guy like myself lol , he’s been giving me some info.

It feels homeopathic because you use so little per gallon but it definitely works… but I was just seeing if this was some kind of break. Through or magic bullet like he said because the raw product to create it, no clue the ratio was cheap


They’ve definitely done tons of research & development to get the product they have for us now.

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Oh for sure , I only use theee nutrients now and ph down but I don’t think I even need that mid flower.

On my first two grow I was buying huge bottle after bottle and then being convinced to buy another bottle etc lol , not it’s some bloom powder, agt-50 silica ,and maybe growers recharge

Never looked better, no deficiencies, feeding it tough, with our spending a grand and carrying around 39 lbs of liquid

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ICMAG discussion on this topic 10 years ago

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I used to work in a lab for coke refreshments. I would use their lab to check bricks levels and ph. I was given the encouragement from Erik “the teaOlogist” to use dememara sugar. It’s pricey but you will notice a difference to me it was worth it.


Thats why you give your roses a single aspirin.


Ye this sugar makes great chocolate chip cookies too

Would you have an example of such a device?

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