Harsh Terp Sauce


Did my first run of Terp sauce and diamonds. Had a great experience and got lots.

I had purged both the sauce and diamonds together as per Ed R.'s advise in his latest book. Did 60 hours on 85 degrees with -15 vacuum.
I let someone try them and his feedback was that was very potent lasted a long time but it was a little harsh on the throat and had a slight chemical taste to it but not necessarily butane. It was a hi Turpin strain called blue lime pie and I can see why he might have thought there was a chemical taste to it since it’s a very extreme lime taste. what can I do to ensure this harsh in his throat when people vape or smoke this is taken out of my product.

Is there anything I can do or was this how he was dabbing it may be too hot or whatnot

any help one can provide would be appreciated I did not do any washing other diamonds or terp sauce after all I did was stick it into a oven to purge it if I need to do anything else in order to finalized I would like to know please



How long after you where happy with crystallization did you let them vent for?

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Not sure what you mean by letting them vent all I did was put them into the VAC oven after I was happy



Mixing it with ethanol, then removing the ethanol via rotovap will remove the especially volatile terpenes from it. Might help your issue, might totally flatten the profile. Just a suggestion.



I think the crc tek tones the astringent tase and harshness down quite a lot.

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So that CRC tek describes something that I am totally unfamiliar with. Can someone give me the 411 on it.

Also the harshness is normal? Or is there a step I’m missing? Venting? Purge longer ? What?



Have you tested your ppms. Does it burn your nose on exhale. If so you need to purge longer

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It’s a tek the forum has been working on that filters bho inline through adsorbent clays and silica60 chromatography gel during the extraction to remediate color.

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Now that you mention it, yes it burns the nose.

so what should I do first longer and if I do birds longer what should the temperature be in the VAC be on make sure I’m doing this right



I would pull full vac and check it again in the morning. If you are just looking for sauce you can stir it to release some tane. Tane will purge at room temp.

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When you say pull full vacuum does that mean as much as my vac oven will go or her certain number I should be aiming for also what temperature should I be aiming for



How is this an indicator of residual solvent? I notice raw flower in a volcano at 365F will burn my nose on exhale for the first bag as it gets the majority of the terps. I get the same burn from fully purged extracts that are higher in terps when dabbed at low temps. Just wondering about the science behind it as i see it mentioned as a way of testing when sending to a lab isnt an option



Some terps can cause the same nose burn for sure…

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I have a few terpene analyses that showed high levels of alcoholic terpenes, those batches in particular were noticeably harsh when exhaled through the nose. Those batches were distilled, and were completely free of solvent, other than the terpenes.

Batches that have no alcoholic terpenes have very little or zero nasal sensations, in my experience.

Before anyone asks… no, I can’t show these analyses.



It makes sense that the terpine alcohols would cause irritation upon inhalation just like iso/etho/methanol do when inhaled in any concentration.



It just an easy way to do home testing before you send it to the lab.if there is a very slight nose burn its typically under 300 ppm. It one of my preliminary testing methods

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right, but the burn could indicate no solvent, and high terps, or low terps and high solvent right? How would you know for sure which it is? Personally, I’ve just used the sizzle technique, if it crackles or makes noise on the nail, needs more purge time.



I was under the impression that water would sizzle n crack, think wen u light a lighter it didn’t sizzle or crack as the tame burns. but try burn water ??? Lol



you ever put unpurged BHO on a hot nail? shit crackles like crazy and practically explodes and shoots hot bits of oil everywhere. The water does sizzle too, but in my experience it sizzles a bit differently. It’s more of a sharp sizzle where the butane cracks and pops and throws shit everywhere



to the OP though, I notice when I run lemon strains, the terp layer tastes like concentrated floor cleaner. It has a pretty chemical-like taste due to how strong and concentrated the terpenes are. As others have mentioned, running the CRC tek has shown to mellow the terp profile out a bit and makes the HT sauces much more palatable.

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