Happy new year

Best wishes to all !!!
Probably one of the things i enjoyed most this year is Reading your Posts and reactions learned a lot and laughed even more @cyclopath You have the best humor ever even thou @bleuwaffle had the most hillirious liner of this year with his giant Diamond miner
Sep '18
You go inside the vessel with a pick axe and a bucket and start going to town is my guess

@Soxhlet You rule Damn You are ahead in this game
@Beaker Thx for great classes of chemistry keep iT up
@Photon_noir what can i say wizard of wizards :+1:
And all the bunch of You best wishes and be safe :pray:


Hey thanks! Happy new year to the community,
Lets make next one another great year!


Big happy New Years to you @Roguelab. Your perspective is really fresh considering the hurdles you have to jump over. Thanks for always trying to explain yourself in our native language despite it being foreign to you.

Your the man brother! Keep being the awesome human your are! :beers::pray:

Same goes for the rest that make this place tick. @Soxhlet and @cyclopath. You guys are some of the most comprehensive cannabis chemists I’ve come across

@Dred_pirate for coming out of left field with some of the most intelligent passive hydrocarbon techniques I’ve heard of.

@future and @sidco for hosting a band of misfits like us.

And of the people I’ve helped and helped me this year. @Cryo13, @StoneD, @Homegrown34, @BG305. Thanks for all you guys have done as well. Got love 4 all you guys. Thanks for an awesome 2018. I wish all you guys and ladies have a safe and healthy New Years!

Really sorry for those who I have missed


Happy New year guys. I’ll be down in the basement all night winterizing this 20l of tincture I just winterized


Happy new year all!


Happy new year to you guys, too

Roguelab I thoroughly enjoy the sharing of knowledge. You and I will hopefully run pentane sometime.

@Killa12345 @Soxhlet @cyclopath @StoneD @Apothecary36 @Demontrich @square_root_pharms @qma I really enjoy the talks and openness. I’m glad to have a community of fellow people out to achieve the same goals. And any other regulars that I enjoy communicating with in here.

@QGA I promise to never run an SPD larger than a 5L.

@Waxplug1 I’ll get it down. We’ll compare clarity soon enough.

Future. Thank you for creating this place for extractors in binding together with knowledge instead of fighting over egos for the same thing.

I hope the new year bring prosperity and happiness to you all.

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@Killa12345 Happy New Year to you and your fam my bro. :100::facepunch: also to the 4200 gang :100::facepunch:


Happy New Years to everyone on this site!!! Thank You all so much for every piece of advice this year. Everything i learned off this site has been useful in one way or another. This year I’ve gotten down the making my concentrates yellow,learned about carbon scrubbing and celite, got two custom parts and most of all have learned.



I just got this in. First pass

Happy fucking new year. This wouldn’t have happened without all of you.


May you all prosper and thrive in the coming year! :pray:


Happy new year to all of you also, I’ve been lurking this site in the shadows for a while now just learning and DM’s with a few of you I cant Express my gratitude for everything everyone has created as a learning tool out of this site, thanks @Killa12345 @Soxhlet @StoneD @Future @Otscc y’all have helped level up my game, when I started on this site I was open blasting, I had a clue about the closed loops but the time y’all have saved me in trial and error just getting into cls alone has upped my game to a level that could have taken years to achieve on my own…
Also thanks to @Waxplug1 and @Dred_pirate for not trying to charge me but instead providing information for future endeavors, what a great community of enthusiasts this is I wish you all a happy new year
if anyone I missed dont take it to heart so many have helped just by my reading their posts! Keep on keeping on!


Happy New Year. Everyone stay safe so we can all see the next one.


Happy new year all!

As a New Years resolution, let’s finish off the rest of the US states in 2019 , and then start undoing the prohibition that the US imposed on the rest of the planet.

No known medical uses my £€%¥ing ass!

Yay Canada for saying screw that noise. Who is gonna stand up next?

Edit: it’s 3:20 here in VA. Thank you all. And by that I mean all 3022 registered users.

Or at least everyone in

https://future4200.com/search?expanded=true&q=in%3Aseen :wink:


Hope all u guys and gals brought the new year In right!!!

WOW what a year!!!

Thanks so much for all the help I received from anyone!!!

@Future first if wasn’t for this place!!!

@Soxhlet @Killa12345. Damn u 2 brought me LIGHT YEARS!!!
I can’t say thank you enough… All the phone calls, text, and messages you 2 have pulled me through!!!

To the rest of the pals and like minds I haven’t mentioned!!!

I did not forget about any of you!!!

But I’ve gotten so much great attitude from everyone and help is been amazing!!!

I’d be here all day writing all u guys down bc they a list!!!

Now the best part…

2019!!! HERE WE COME!!!