Haggard extracts arrested for homicide


He looks doped up


That’s what I’m thinking. I have a buddy who did something stupid and got in a car accident that was his fault and the other person died. His bail was 75k.


Ya ive seen a few cases with HIgh Bail and they always Mean that there usually Guilty!!
Whats Crazy is how He just made that POst a few days ago all in the light after killing his kid… Hes a crazy sociopath like someone mentioned… Thats just not normal at all trying to get clout and credit then go to extractor depot and give them your tech you claimed was propietary!! #chlorofilter


I don’t know the individual and I don’t care to comment much on what happened. May the little girl rest easy…

But I will say that a neighboring county once had me at $1M :sweat_smile: bail while they tried to give me a manufacturing charge. They failed. Sloppy case. Crooked county. And an uneducated DA.:kissing_heart:

Meanwhile a local ex-cop in the same county had a $100k bail ($10k posted) for sexually assaulting a minor.


Mean while normal people are whipping up white chit. #cloroxcrew


What i love about this picture is the background picture…LOOK at how many jars of baby food and what looks to be sugar in the background…i just see jars everywhere in that pic…LOL You gotta keep me away from @bg305 farm as id be touching all that with my gloveless hands and smoking the shit out of it…LOL

Great show bro and man…i still cant get over this haggard news…holy shit!


Shit is nuts man… I knew a guy that got all skeed up and shook his girls baby… she died… he went into complete and total remorse… he wasnt a completely shitty dude he just fucked up really really bad… he hung himself in his cell… haveing known the dude it didnt surprise me he took his own life… he never made it to prison…


As a father of 4 wonderful daughters i would like to say this is very sad and rest in peace poor baby girl…


Did I miss somthing? I dont see any info about what happend. It seems you all think he is guilty. What info do you have that would lead you to that conclusion?


Any bail ovwr 500k means tjey have proben evidence? Im sorry but what is proven evidence? This man is innocent till proven guilty. Yet all his peers abandonded him assume he is guily. He deserves our support. Untill he is proven guilty. I mean i have heard of children dieing of rare medical issues and the parents got charged with murder. Only to be found innocent afrer their second child was tested for the rare disese and dna from oarents was anilized. I mean we dont kno! Do tou really want to have that on your sholders if he is innocent?


according to him…none of us are his peers! hes just sooo far better than us all! This guys ego is just next level stuff.

HAHAHA…do you really wanna be on the opposite side of that! Supporting a baby murder if he is found guilty…have fun in that club bro.


All I know to base it off of is, one of my really good friends got in a head on collision while he was spun. His truck broke driving him into oncoming traffic and killed the person he collided with. He was spun, it was his fault and he has to prove himself to not be a murderous drugged out psycho (he isn’t spun and it was a short idiotic time for him, regardless) and won’t ever do this again. His bail was 75k. Dudes bail is ONE MILLION, they don’t want him out.

If it is SIDS and there was zero foul play. It will come out in court and autopsy. I do hope that’s the case. As I stated, we can only make unfortunate assumptions.


A close friend of mine got convicted guilty for sexual assault, he had shitty attorney. They wouldnt allow evidence in that could have proven him guilty. Bitch was know for falsely accusing guys for rape. She had an open case with another guy that she admitted to lying about it. Plus she wasnt taking her crasy person meds.

Thats why i dont speculate about any of this shit


Thats a very measured opinion, thanks for posting.

@Killa12345 I dont think wanting to wait for evidence is supporting a baby murderer. this is the same thing that happened in FB where Wade Icy was accused of being a pedo and anyone who didnt want blood running in the streets was accused of defending and supporting child rape… Yeah shitty people are out there, but we shouldnt add ourselves to the list by throwing stones when theres not proof of some egregious act


You are 100% correct. He is innocent till proven guilty. I deep down inside hope he is innocent. Considering this happened in January, and he just got arrested this week tells me there has been a through investigation.

Let’s prey this was an accident. :pray:


Yeah, such a twisted event, its hard not to see red when this kinda shit goes down


Yes Any bail over 500K means they have substantial evidence… Google is your Friend…
You are Correct he is Innocent until proven Guilty. NOONE SAID WE HOPED HE WAS GUILTY!! Andy what do u mean Have what on your shoulders?? The Guy came across as an arrogant douchbag I dont think hell have any support over here…


Im sure there is a huge public outcry for justice, which could relate to his high bail. Usually that high means rhat have hard evidence or he’s considered a serious flight risk. I dont know him and unril rhis had never heard of him, but there are many way and places to take your child no questions asked if tou feel you can not handle it. Again do not know him and have no opinion on his guilt or innocence, just my 2cents.


I think the fact that they said he came from a family’s house tells me it was extraction related, nobody usually goes anywhere with a new baby, i think an accident happened and he panicked and tried to cover it up, so now it looks like homicide/murder. I dont see him killing a baby intentionally


It says “the family’s” home meaning his/hers. You would have to know him personally to make a statement like your last sentence. Even then I am sure there are plenty of baby killers who had people around them that never thought they would do something like that.