Haggard extracts arrested for homicide


@Dred_pirate I bet you’re right though. 5 months old thats a new parent


Yea, it’ll come out eventually. Had a friend murdered back in 2013 by his roommate and it took months to actually get the real story despite knowing someone who witnessed it. Trauma and such tend to blur the details. Fucked up regardless.


Completely fucked up. Awful that it happened


I wonder where he was located. Child killers wouldnt make out well in prison where im at.

The peckerwoods would kill him


Here is my guess. Made too much money and started doing the hard stuff(happens a lot). Hard to believe someone would do that and not be doped up out of their mind.


As much as I hate em. Peckerwoods are everywhere. They’ll have a field day


If he was all pilled out and was on edge… I could totally, totally see that


I found out inwas having a kid at 4am, just aftwr getting bailed outta jail. The next day was new one and yesterday never happened again, it takes a real man to be a father and also my greatest accomplishment.


Wow thats crazy, blacklistxyz is the place for finding sketchy stuff out in the community.


They sometimes post something worth a read. Most of the time it’s just obvious shit they post or sometimes straight up false.


Yeah true you got to cross check sometimes. wonder what happened to the diamondbaron. when your making decent money not sure why someone would still continue doing what they did. I don’t follow too closely on the extracts community and more interested in whats going on in the cultivation side


Is this really done by Haggard? I have 2 kiddos. They are my life. So sad.


I’d have to agree, a lot of doctors will attempt to treat symptoms of generalized depression with drugs like zoloft and paxil. In some people those drugs cause symptoms of psychosis. It would be beyond tragic if this was thw case for haggard.


And surprisingly, a lot of that is just personal health. Diet, mind, people, job, exercise, etc etc.


this is fucked up man. im about an hour from this shit too


That’s a big ass bail for them to be not certain of what happened.


Sad nonetheless and condolences to the family but I have to say its quite wierd that he was identified by his instagram handle. It made it back to the community very quickly.


Any bail over 500K means they have Proven EVIDENCE… I litteraly broke in tears for a few minutes here. My little girl is 3 Years old and the light of my life!! How the hell could you kill your own child… This is Sooo Sad and to see it RElated to our Industry is a Shame. That guy obviously was the loser we all thought he was… This is horriblle…


The one up top is a thing from Instagram. But have any news outlets actually referred to him by his social media or just the one up top?


I dont know but I guess someone had to know his name and what he looked like.