Haggard extracts arrested for homicide


Bet he wishes he sold that sop for that million dollar bail lol


Well, he definitely got that one first


I didn’t want to post this. Karmas a motherfucker and this dude will feel the whole wrath of it.

I hope he gets the chair. Making us feel sorry for him. Setting up a go fund me. Obviously killing his kid shows he has no conscious


He has me blocked on IG. Unless his page has been taken down. He has to be a complete sociopath to be asking for sympathy and then turn around the next sentence and brag about how long he’s been doing something.


I think it’s taken down. Or I’m blocked all of a sudden too in the last hour


It makes no sense to me, they seemed happy about her pregnancy


I bet they took his IG down, dam dude what a small world this is an hour from me… scary


I wasn’t ready for my kid. I partied every night. Didn’t want to grow up. My son grounded me so much. I’d probably be dead if not for him.

He has taught me so much about patience and compassion. It’s been such a good and hard experience. He had no clue what he will be missing


Jeez I am not too far from Menifee
Upon seeing this thread, my heart sank thinking a child died from an extraction accident.
Did not expect to see a child killed intentionally by their parent, wow that’s insane!
Crazy roller coaster of emotions in the 20 seconds of seeing that headline in this place then opening it up and reading it.


Nothing to say but they are the scum of the earth. Dem boys in the chain gang will treat him right and give him what he deserves.


Keep haggard and free melly


I was just lurking his page too


I’m sure he’ll be getting a lot of powdered soap.


Whats that?


Takes longer to pick up


I cant fucking believe some one would do this shit. Man, i got kids as well and I tear up just thinking about what type of monsters would murder their own child. And i seriously cant believe we were just all talking to the guy on the clear thread.


I almost want to say he was frustrated with the kid crying and shook the shit out of her.


Wow - 5wks old…:pensive::pray:


They usually diagnose that pretty quickly at the hospital and make an arrest. Plus why would they arrest the mother as well for child endangerment? Poisoning maybe?


She neglected to say anything? Maybe turned him in and that’s her punishment for now? I dunno, I wasn’t saying that was the case. Until then we can only speculate and unfortunately make assumptions.