H4 CBD too thick for DSP Ascent Ceramics

Title mentions it all, cant seem to get H4 CBD to work well within a ceramic cartridge without diluting the hell out of it. Ive added around 7% terps and upwards of 20% CRD CBD in an attempt to try and thin the blend out. No luck - the effects of H4 are perfect for our line of products but I cant seem to get it runny enough to perform well in a ceramic cartridge…


Any help is appreciated, thanks

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Your using the wrong cartridge. should be fine with 4 x 2mm holes.

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Hi dear bro I not know this H4 CBD before. Information say

H4CBD has a binding affinity for the CB1 receptor that is approximately 100x stronger than CBD.

My father was strong addict to the CBD and you please use care if this stronger. SYG refuse to have contract with company who work in the CBD so unfortunate I can not provide help.


Corrected. Disregard