Guys where do I get a hose for these

Okay so I got these and I need 25-50 ft of hosing that will fit them.

I’ve tried so many times to find the right hose. I’m at the end of my patience. Please help me @f4200

What is the application? Vac, temp?

Water for jacketed base

Hot or cold?

Edit: and if you have a hose you like, is it not possible to change the fitting?

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Any hose will work on a barb, you can go to the hardware store and get it as long as your using it for water in your jacket. If your using oil or a different fluid check what’s compatible with the fluid and then order the hose

Home depot nor lowes

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Again, what temperature? And is water going to be the only fluid?


Gas or liquid

Warm water recovery. 86°f to 100°f

It’s not the cheapest but I like the silicon tubing. Walk in to home depot with the connection. Walk to the tubing section. They have those clear tubes with mesh like structures inside for what I assume is for durability. Find one that is slightly undersized, hair dried or lab heat gun. Then normal hose clamp of your choice over that…

Edit. Well for water you’ll want something dark to avoid algae growth! I dont run water in mine so I forgot to mention that


If this is just for u base you can get radiator hoses in most sizes

I usually use a vac hose for barbs like that, look up clear vinyl reinforced hose the size barb u have


I dont run water for warming is there ever algae growth in your system d? Jw if a darker hose may prevent this kinda like in hydro grow applications

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DERNORD Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Set - Beer Brewing Connector Kit (Barb Female/MPT Male(Pack of 2))
Get these and some 1/2" ID braided vinyl tubing and some hose clamps. Should be at home depot.


Duda Energy HPpvc050-100ft 100’ x 1/2" ID High Pressure Braided Clear Flexible PVC Tubing Heavy Duty UV Chemical Resistant Vinyl Hose Water Oil

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I have a storage crate with tons and tons of spares. What’s the id length you need, and for what exactly so I can see if I have the correct hose.

get swage quick connects there the shit and work great

@GroovyOctopusLabs the three hoses below will work for your 1/2" barbed hose fitting used for warm water.

Radiator hoses definitely, or just a plain ol garden hose. I think those are 1/2 id

Bring em to lowes or home depot with you, then you know your getting the right size.


Make sure you use a hose clamp, unless the hose you are using specifically advertises as not needing a hose clamp.


If you plan on occasionally wanting to use really hot water I’d go to auto parts store and get some radiator hose

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