Gummy edible targetting teenagers - Analysis

This D8 gummy product is found in many corners stores. I already discussed the background of this gummy in another thread. I am posting here an example of our analysis work. We will be producing the entire report as soon as we have confirmation that law enforcement have secured their own samples and/or raids have occurred.

Note: all of the toxic byproducts in this report are found in nearly all D8 products. The fake THCP and the olivetol precursors are the only things not present in D8 products.

This edible is being sold widely. It’s marketing appears to target teenagers based on the packaging. The product in its entirety is illegal. The following are examples of what we found in it and the level of analysis work we do.

We take the edible and dissolve in a binary solvent. This allows us to capture and analyze every compound in it.

From this we use an ion trap mass spectrometer tuned to 45-450 ions. We use our exact mass spectrometer to view spectra under 45 m/z if required. This instrument is capable of going down to 10 however the background noise is too great and we have better analyzers we use for that. We use an Atomic Emission Detector (AED) to generate chromatograms for each element including Cl, H, C, N, O etc. This generates a linear signal for each compound to determine concentrations without standards. It also generates an empirical formula for each compound. The empirical formula helps the mass spectrometers resolve the compound.

Let’s get started.

This is the main chromatogram of the gummy from our ion trap mass spectrometer. It includes every volatile compound including: toxic byproducts, THCs, flavors, and solvents.The highest peak is D8. I’ll zoom in to show the incredible separation we get and our ability to identify each compound.

This is a zoom at around 40 minutes. This is where some flavors are located. As well, many CBD->THC byproducts exist here. We run a 2.2 hour method so every compound is separated well and the signal is very clean.

This is one of the flavors in the gummy bear. I didn’t zoom in enough in the main chromatogram however the signal is very clean and identification is trivial. If there is a question then we run the sample in an exact mass spectrometer.

A second flavor example. This flavor is very common in candies and vape. We’ve conducted a lot of flavor reverse engineering so we have a lot of expertise in this field.

I should also point out that if we couldn’t determine what this flavor was, and it was critical to a project, then we use an Olfactory attachment on a splitter on our AED. This allows us to smell the flavor as it elutes and we can note it’s scent and determine what it is or a substitute.

This is the CBD, abnormal byproducts, Delta-8 and Delta-9 area of the chromatogram. Delta-8 is the high peak. To it’s right is delta-9. To the left a bit are unreacted CBD and CBC.

Is an example of a banned flavor used in this product. There are 4 total. We have included this information to the FDA, DEA, FTC, Attorney General’s in states we’ve been able to confirm it’s sale including the marijuana licensing board that exists in the state where the owner of the manufacturing company resides. As this product is sold in multiple states, multiple agencies are involved.

This is one of many isomerization products that should have been removed in the semisynthesis of D8.

This is confirmation of the flavor carrier in the gummy. It’s Triacetin.

Before some non-chemist, airchair, living in mom’s basement, dimwit attempts to state the mass spectra isn’t the same I’ll explain. We only use ions 45+. If you look at the remaining spectra it matches. In any event, the RT is the same and the exact mass spectrometer also confirmed it’s weight. The empirical formula is identical. We would expect this compound to be in the gummy. However… the manufacturer did not use enough of it in the gummy so the flavors did not disperse correctly. Some gummies would taste awful and some would taste chemically.

This is confirmation of Olivetol in this gummy. It’s a standard byproduct in CBD->D8 reactions. Notice the nice, clean signal. Perfect spectra. RT is dead on. It’s just a beautiful thing. It’s also illegal. The manufacturer here attempted to add MORE to create fake THCP. You’ll see that later.

This is the fake THCP this D8 manufacturer attempted to make. It’s using the same synthesis as the Spectrum Labs NC/David Hart work. However, this particular manufacturer was adding far too much Olivetol and a poor quality one at that. This does not appear in other D8 products we’ve tested.

Edit: This compound elutes at the same time as THCP so it would fool HPLC low-end tests. It was used by Hard, Spectrum Labs, Nguyen and many others to sell “fake THCP”.

This is one of many Olivetol reagents/byproducts. The quality of this material was so low that the Olivetol was never purified. Numerous precursors to Olivetol were detected in the gummy. They likely aren’t healthy.

We will release the entire report including metals, solvents, and the identify of the manufacturer when they are raided or law enforcement confirms they have acquired their own samples in the wild. We do not wish to compromise a well-deserved kick-in-the-door and so we will not be assisting by giving these bad manufacturers any heads up.

I’ll post in another post a copy of our AED spectra. It’s always interesting to see the chromatograms by element to build an empirical formula for each compound.

This is irrefutable proof that this product is:

D9 concentration to D8 was >0.3% thereby making the crude illegal.
uses banned flavors
full of toxins

Olivetol is toxic beyond a few ppm. Here it is in the thousands. We would be willing to wager a few people are going to jail over this one.

Edit: The chromatogram file names are blanked out as the product was identified there.
Edit: Added the difference between this and normal D8 synthesis. Normal D8 synthesis generates the same toxic byproducts including Olivetol. This one is particularly bad because they tried to double their money and claim “thcp” in it too.
Edit: sorry to answer more questions Triacetin isn’t bad. We included it to demonstrate the level of work we can do to deconstruct a product. We do NOT consult in this field so please do not ask. We will test a product you believe should be tested.




Great write up and even better analysis! Are you doing this on contract or to help stop poorly manufactured goods from hurting people?


Anymore info on the banned flavors?


If you look at other threads. We are not in this industry. I was asked by more and more people to look at products that were making them sick. We are doing this on our own time.

DISCLOSURE: We do NOT manufacture D8, D9, CBD products. We don’t consult in this space. We have no interest in this space. We are releasing this information to preserve the legalization and self regulation.


Like what? They are obviously buying the flavors from a low-end flavor shop that doesn’t care what they put in it or is using an old recipe.


Can you please do this to the 65% CBN “distillate” chemical soup that GVB Biopharma is pushing.

They are marketing it as a cost efficient way for brands to use CBN in their formulations. :man_facepalming:

As someone with a hemp company, all of this has completely turned me off from making any delta 8 products. Is there any clean, safe delta 8 on the market? (I read the thread) .


Not that we have found. Some are worse than others.

Among the best ones only have high levels of Olivetol in them which is still very bad.

Will do. I informed the team.

  • Benzophenone.
  • Ethyl acrylate.
  • Eugenyl methyl ether.
  • Myrcene.
  • Pulegone.
  • Pyridine.?
    What was found? Triacetin the carrier or you mean the actual flavor compound ?? Sorry for my igorance

Triacetin was the “solvent” used to disperse the flavors throughout the gummy.

The banned flavors (I posted an example of one): FDA posts a maximum concentration allowed in various products. In soft candies the latest report banned them and placed maximum concentration at 0ppm.

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2-octenal … Sorry i didnt read the charts because im chemistry ignorant. Now i see. The only thing i see it is used in is bed bug traps?


And D8 gummies.


I got isolate from them advertised as 99% and It showed up with a grey and yellow tint.

Sent 2 different test of a d one was 88% CBD and the other came back 91%


What was the other 12%?

Don’t know just showed CBd % no others

China's Hemp Industry is Booming Amid Global Demand — RADII when will they start converting their crude on usa soil? :exploding_head::scream:

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Could be our testing is off but we test cbd isolate at 80-90%. Sometimes higher at 93 max last I checked. I don’t know what the rest is.

We also routinely see distillate labeled 95% THC actually test 70-85% THC. Again no good guesses. We’ve identified a few cannabinoid contaminants but the non cannabinoid ones that routinely show up are still unknowns. Anyone who has relevant data isn’t sharing it as far as I know


Our isolate is usually 99.5 + when done in house with multiple tests

Hey, I resemble that comment!

This is fascinating. Thanks for all your work.


lol. I meant no insult to you merely to the “chemists” who would challenge my interpretation of the mass spectra.