Growing websites


Is there any similar websites to this one but for growers?

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Maybe future can make a growers version

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I would suggest this website: for the time being. It has a great community for seeds, genetics, and cultivation.


There is a growing section here If You activate Many of us grow to and respond If You can challenge us :grinning:

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I would love to but it would be better if it was organized


There’s already such a wealth of information on other grow sites it might not make sense for future to mess around with it here

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Place iT in botany and cultivation section
Give iT a go :grinning::ok_hand:


Dang that section looks dead…

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Icmag appears to be dead these days to although it’s archives are full of awesome information. Roll it up. Org maybe the most active growing bored I’ve seen recently I could be wrong


Come on shoot
We shoot back bang bang