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Doesn’t seem to be a contained grow thread so I figured I’d start one

Big plant is a sundae driver cut I got from nextgen nurseries. Doesn’t seem to like the climate here, caught some PM on it early and I’ve done what I can to keep it from coming back, don’t think I’ll run it again. Back left is a marionberry kush I’m not sure of the provenance on, and front left is my PBB #2 which I just sexed(female :+1:)


Happy days ! I will join in this thread :+1:


Anyone read a good study on the effects of IR from CCTV cams on plants? I dont see anything that suggests it is affecting them but it does make me cringe.


How long have they been in flower? Is that the only camera with ir on in there?

I’m definitely interested.

Edit: I’ve read only anecdotal stuff on forums


So far it looks like the ir lights night vision use are outside of the wavelengths plants use? Right around 700nm plant adsorption drops off a ton, and it looks like night vision uses like 850nm and above.


Those are still in Veg as they were planted 8/11. It seems that they are not being affected by it although it seems bright. There is another cam at the other end also.


In my five minutes of googling, I didn’t find too many studies on it.

I’d bet it’s ok if I had to put money on it though.


I searched also and didn’t find anything of substance either. What kind do you guys play for your girls? I keep the classical on for them 24/7.

4 Likes,can%20be%20used%20for%20photosynthesis.&text=The%20new%20research%20shows%20that,to%20do%20the%20complex%20chemistry.

Is this any good to you ? I had a very quick scan over and personally i would consider turning the cam off during dark periods.


Ever seen Clock Work Orange ? You don’t want your girls throwing them self’s out of a window haha


There are plenty of studies on how vibrations affect plant growth.

She determined that plants “listening” to rock music deteriorated quickly and died within a couple of weeks, while plants thrived when exposed to classical music.


I read this ages ago, I have been playing dnb to my plants for years … They seem to like it :rofl:


Seems like that study was more focused on algae and cyanobacteria. The light received by the IR would need to be able to destroy florigen.

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It was the only thing i could find for you on the topic. I tried !
( i’m still a bit weary about any form of light on during a dark period )

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I wonder if it needs to be a specific type of classical music?

There’s some pretty cacophonic classical too.

(I had to make sure cacophonic was a word haha)


Killer good question!

We had the IR in our grow rooms disabled initially because we were afraid it might fuck with them. Honestly I’ve done a ton of reading and I don’t trust any light during dark period (fuck, I cant even sack up to use a green light).

That being said, far red is supposed to charge the phytochrome pathway that puts the plant into “nighttime”. IR from cameras is substantially longer wavelength than that though so I have no idea if it has an effect.

The “cringing” or drooping is probably primarily from the stomata closing and transpiration stopping (they do that at night)


The cringing is when I scroll thru the cams and see rooms that are supposed to be sleeping lit up. :grin:


On the day before I got married I was showing a homie my grow camera. Pulled up a room that should have been in the dark and instead was lit. Had someone drive out within 15 min and correct the issue. Thank god for grow room cameras


The racket created by a bunch of amateurs singing “Happy Birthday”.
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Same here, I wont use green lights either lol. Dark is supposed to dark in my opinion. ( not that it counts for a great deal )