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Average yield for hemp greenhouse growing?

Man o man
Strain specific , area specific , temp controls greenhouse, soil nutrients specific
There a lot of factors that come into play even the amount of plants on a squa meter and the period of veging
If the greenhouse can be darkend completely all in all to many to give a valid answer
I have had and worked a greenhouse with a cbd strain making 600gr per square meter in a 10 week cycle


How many plants can you fit a square meter? 1? 2?

When we do short cycles like 10 weeks we place 16 plants on a square meter in 11 liter pots
If the natural light cycle is to be used and time and love can be provided and the people to do so I would place 4 plants on a meter or 1 if you still have the time 3.5 months before harvest

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How long is a piece of string?

I’ve seen between 0 and 1200g, all above mentioned factors add up to putting you in that range.

The genetics will be your biggest factor, if you’re a proper gardener otherwise.