Got my equipment need help setting up and using

Hi Everyone,
Been doing open blast for years and finally got myself a 1lb closed loop system with all the upgrades (dewaxer, hp Valves, sight glass, jacketed plate and a diamond miner. Also got vacuum and vacuum oven. From what I know I need butane, and dry ice.
Can someone help me with using this the first time? Maybe put you on skype with me? My wife and I don’t want to make a mess or have any problems. DM me or reply here! Thanks everyone!! Would be happy to post the instructions once sorted


Shoot me a dm, sounds like I have a similar set up I’d love to give you a hand


Number one piece of advice i wish i possessed when i first started out is to get your dry ice from a gas distributor. If the place sells co2 they probably make dry ice pellets. I got a yeti 65 that barely loses any dry ice to sublimation and i buy 500 pounds at a time for a huge discount and then bring my cooler and my receipt back for fills and they mark it off as I go.

Most will also have butane (at least near me)

Work in a well ventilated area, outside. And consider weather, wind and trees when you pick your spot. I had a nice area when i first started that the wind picked up while i was working and a tree fell on my machine. The material columns somehow was surrounded by, but not impacted by branches. It gave me a pretty deep perspective of what i was doing and how i can do it better/safer

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How long does the yeti keep it good for, and how much can you fit in it, all 500lb? How long does a 500 lb pile last you?

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The yeti 65 cooler fits between 80 and 90 lbs. I fill the empty space with blankets as i use it. The longest I’ve ever gone with dry ice still in my cooler is 3 days and the pellets only appear slightly smaller.

I don’t pick up the whole 500 lbs at a time (although the gas place does offer rentals of these big plastic dumpster looking things). 500lbs is just the amount that they start applying the bulk discount at, so its less than half the price if I buy that much at a time. They print me out a receipt and then log how much I pick up on the receipt until its time to buy more.


How much do you pay for 500lbs. I pay by the pound, found a place that sells for $0.60lb. Is your 500 lb cheaper than $300? Cause if it is im gonna ask my guy for bulk pricing lol

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Damn and here I was happy I’m getting it for $1 a lbs. Although I did get to buy someones 500lbs order who canceled for $50 last week


Hell of a score for $50, dont ever buy dry ice from meijer they want $1.89 lol


And it’s block dry ice not ideal for application or our wallets


Bricks of dry ice are the shit. They last longer and are easy to break up.

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Dry ice rice FTW


Do you really like rice? I have the option to get half my order as rice and half as pellets, I’ve been going pellets because I figured rice would sublimate much quicker

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The rice indeed doesn’t last as long. But damn does it work so fucking good. The surface area is insane. Works better then the other 2 options at the cost of it not lasting as long. 100 lbs lasts about half as long as the pellets. With that being said I tend to get nuggets more because they sell out of rice fast.

I pay 40 cents per pound when picking up 70 pounds in my ice chest. I go to praxair and just tell them the price i want to pay, im gonna try $0.35/lb on my next big order. For pellets.


Can you post a picture of your setup?

I run closed loop systems that hold 5lb of material. My material columns are jacketed, allowing me to fill the outer jacket with dry ice and denatured alcohol. I also use recovery pumps, speedin up my recovery time.
I purchase isobutane by the 100# tanks (~$600-800 ea) and dry ice pellets by the “roller”, which holds 700lbs. Our dry ice is .60-.75/lb in pellet form.

I push 22lbs of isobutane from the fuel tank (which is in hot water) through chilling condensers (in ice water) into the frozen column at let soak for 20-30 minutes. Open dump valve and let column and fuel tank drain completely. Separate collection pot from column, insert my collection pot into a hot bath and recover fuel with my CMEP-OL pumps.
There are numerous designs, so a picture could really help for me.

Once fuel is recovered, I pour into paper pour trays and immediately place in vac oven. I wait til the product reaches oven temp (96F) before I pull vac.

I hope this helps in some way. Good luck.


Thanks everyone … I will message you all when the remaining equip arrives

I get it delivered from out of state, in the bulk container cheaper then getting it local. $.60 vs $1.23