Got laid off today...I want to work for my self

I have close cousin who would be highly interested in sourcing qaulity product in his area…I can vouch that he is a top distributor in his area…i opted to go the college and corporate route but i can always act as a go between


No permitt required for a processing lab in TN…


thank god for that!

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There’s a difference between a legit COA & ‘in-house testing’. I’m not talking about the COA they provide to customers that absolutely does need to come from a legit testing facility. I. I’m talking about the growers that are trying to collect data in house (breeders) and don’t want to wait weeks for results or spend as much per test as a licensed testing facility would charge.
One of the first testing ‘labs’ here in Oregon 5-7 years ago for the medical sector was literally just a dude in a van with a GC. I think he’s actually on this forum…


That’s good to hear. Pigeon forge i felt is stabilized by tourism. Hopefully when the forestry replenishes the economical growth will reflect.
Do yourself a favor and get a VPN. Remember this is a open forum and any kind of eyes can be looking . You’re right under the southern belt i know what kind of shenanigans we deal with.

A piece of advice, if you have no knowledge of how to operate under BM circumstances you should not get your hands dirty especially being in the south. . I would never say this normally but you have an advance degree that basically can get you in at any lab. You made your golden ticket, don’t lose it.


Edible business man, black market for a little, save up funds, once TN goes with mj state wide. Open shop


I didnt think about it that way🤔

Sorry to hear about your situation.

imo the rust belt and south are going to be the biggest regions for the cannabis industry in the long-term. They have the best business environments, KY+WV+TN+etc have fantastic microclimates for cultivation, large pharmaceutical presences, proximity to railroads, etc. I’m terrible at executing short term stuff like flipping hemp packs to stores/etc so can’t give you specific recommendations - but this industry has grown way too fast for there not to be cracks & holes in the infrastructure. If you have time just talk to local farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers - ask and see what would improve their business.

For MED+REC, the south will be extremely difficult to enter in likely every state. As in, if I had independent clients (first time cannabis entrepreneurs) that were interested in entering TN, the Carolinas, KY - states that don’t even have laws passed yet, I would start pulling 16 hour days now to build the infrastructure that we would apply with in 1-3 years time. And if everything goes to plan we’ll have a 25-35% chance of winning. Of course a few states could pass non limited license laws, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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This is exactly what he was advising against. This is not the job for you. Don’t risk it. Especially not in a state like yours. You have relevant education you just need to move to a state where you can learn how to apply it. CA, OR, etc

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It’s the folks selling the shovels that are making the most with relatively stable demand as dreamers come and go…just like every other gold rush.

You have the education to stay above the fray and add real value to industry.

The times between gigs are quite stressful but offer the greatest reward due to opportunity to change or right the course…and learn new things.

It takes me a a moment to not be freaked out about the lack of gig and impact on the future. I need to settle in enough to undertsand the opportunities presented without the burden of stress.

Bad decisions are made quickly and under duress. For me anyhow.

Nothing says that you and your girls path are mutually exclusive, nor that she couldn’t lend expertise while pursuing her passions. Resentment accumulates quickly and has a long shelf life.

Good luck bud.


We have the CBG flower @tenhemp dm if interested.

Ya gotta start somewhere. When I couldn’t get my foot in the door at a pharma lab after graduating with a chemistry degree, I started cooking crank and trapping’ out the bando.

Very quickly I become the sous-chef of pharmaceutical grade methamphetamine in my jurisdiction. Had minions of distributors and a tight network of bandos. Then everyone started outsourcing meth labor to Taiwan and the rest is history.

I’M KIDDING, but also sacrifice and calculated risk is necessary to get anywhere in this doggy-dogg world.


One felony can set you back years in this industry


and many?

You learned a valuable lesson in that an employer does not have your best interests at hand and all working people are expendable.

Correct me if I am wrong but You have a college degree right? Being located in TN, there really isnt a viable job market for cannabis yet. But with yiur education why not consider getting a job with a non-cannabis company that is doing some kind of GMP related production. I am thinking pharmaceuticals, food , nutraceuticals etc. maybe in a quality role doing sole kind of analytical testing. Learn experience hazardous waste management, documentation, quality systems. Then take all that over to hemp/cananbis in a year or two once you relocate to somewhere legal.

Two years experience at your last job - what did you do what are your skills? Send a resume to me perhaps I can help if you are interested in moving.


‘Dog eat dog’

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“It’s a crazy mixed up world, it’s a Doggy Dogg World”

Snoop dogg


Lol yeah, snoop dogg rotted my brain


Dm me

I’m in the process of putting together a hemp processing facility in Franklin, KY if that interests you. If you want, I’d be willing to take a look at your resume/credentials and pass them along? Feel free to DM.