gortex sleeve

anyone know where to find these for wrapping columns on cls? summit mentioned it in old articles for holding dry ice

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Sounds home made.

But I’m guessing…


Half the technical terms in the “treasure chest” are either made up or used incorrectly lol… That being said - what are you trying to do with said sleeve? Chill the column or insulate it? Pantyhose work great for stuffing dry ice around non-jacketed spools - just make sure you double up on the duct tape near the bottom - or tie it off with rope :ok_hand:

Edit: Did some googling - guess gortex is a kind of layered waterproof fabric material used for outdoor jackets… so I guess if you want to, go buy one and rip the sleeves off to avoid condensation and ice on the outside :joy::ok_hand:


Sounds like they be nice market for these…simple gortex sleeve w the top and bottom w stretchy band sewed in…

I checked around about month ago when I read the same thing after buddy here mentioned them!
Couldn’t find a one premade!

Hey buddy, U know who u are I’m seeing $$$$$

I bet you could sell tons these!

Hell I’d buy couple! Would look way better than the plywood dry ice jacket I’ve rigged up for unjacket! I might would actually use if I had neoprenes or gortex sleeve…instead I stick w the standard jacket for now!


Beer coozies

Repurposed wetsuit mayerial