Good product(nug/trim/fresh frozen) for bho extraction

Hows it going FUTURE4200…

I’m currently using a CLSystem making shatter and crumble…occasional live resin. Been thru a good amount of lbs and gone thru my share different types of trim and nug quality…havent seen enough I’m certain of that, But im not close to being done.

Question is how is there a way to determine the better yielders, better looking quality end product? I’ve had very good indoor not do as well as some outdoors… is it strain? Growing methods? Stay away from certain nutrient lines? I’m sure there is plenty of things it can be.

I’ll be following up with some of my results as I continue trying to find out as well…

in my experience, the best way to determine how it’s going to extract, is to extract some. seriously. do a pilot extraction before negotiating with the grower. so you both have some idea what to expect from the full scale run.

next best is to have it lab tested & get potency and terpene data. might as well get pesticides too, although it makes more sense to run that on your pilot extraction, because clean test results on flower/trim don’t necessarily mean it’s clean enough to extract without issue.

I recommend some form of in house analytics, and a small scale extraction rig that you’ve got dialled in.

You definitely wanna do some test runs,I have some strains not fitted for live! Those I grow Diamonds and go mining baby!

Second, for better quality, Temperature, Temperature, Temperature…
Did I say temperature yet? @ least -55f for solvent, material, extractor…even purging temps matter!
Dewaxing as much as possible this way will give you more clear, glass, that look!

Next solvent choice matters, normally N butane for shatters and a blended solvent if your going for terps!

Trim runs of course yield less, and in experience a trim run vs full plant run, the full plant run has way way way more terps, the trim run live being almost dry