Good Life Gang Group

Hi everyone. I’m a new member of the GLG, residing in northern California. I plan on going to the gathering on Saturday, and look forward to meeting you all. I requested being added to the the private forum, but haven’t been added yet,@Future can you help me out please? - Thanks - Luke

Good to meet you. I’m recently new to the GLG also & will be attending the meetup. Cheers & look forward to seeing you in NorCal.


Most excellent :muscle:t3:


I, too, was there. Such a great event.
Along with these guys, can you make sure I get my SOP access at some point soon?
Thanks in advance, and it was a pleasure meeting you all!

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If you paid me there, and signed up at, shoot me an email letting me know so that I can validate your account


@Future great meeting you at the meetup, awesome event.

Could you also add me to the private forum? Thanks!

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That’s me. I signed up on the website and paid you there in cash. All 50s lol.

Just joined the GLG! How long does it generally take to get access to the private forums?
Thanks! The SOP’s look fantastic!

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Hello. We are a Company based in Germany and would like to have Access to the SOP’s you have listed on the good life gang page. Is there any way we can pay the 420.00 fee and have access to these? I am from Oregon and live in Germany now assisting in a hemp extraction start up facility. Thanks for the consideration.

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FYI, if all you are after is the SOPs, the $200 membership covers that

But if there’s specific SOPs you have in mind let me know and we can work something out. The SOPs are intended to be a bonus for a member, not the selling point.