Gold Coast Terpenes samples

Hello We are willing to give few samples to anyone who is currently using terpenes. If you’re just starting out or are currently using another brand give us a try. we I can be reached DM at or @goldcoastterpenes We will need your full name, ship to address, email and phone number.


I asked for a sample over the weekend, and my sample was shipped out on Monday. Will report back when they arrive!


Mine just showed up, great job & a extra I asked for, y’all are great! I’ll report back on findings with them & thank you for the generous portions :call_me_hand:t3::facepunch:t3::metal:t3:

Smell test :

Harlequin - very verrrrry close to the live plant, if it had a slight more berry to it y’all would nail that.

Jack herrer - leans on the lemony jack side which I prefer, it’s exactly what I would want in a nice old jack head stash of hash.

Purple punch - now this one took me by surprise, any purple punch I have encountered ALWAYS has a overwhelming grape cough syrup stench to it. This DOES NOT. it’s very subtle with a light almost urkle nose at the end. I can’t wait to cart that up.

Forbidden fruit - okay now I’m sure y’all know how fruity that terpenes can come out, let me say y’all covered the GASSSSSSS in that, fugggggggin right on with a chemd/ juicy fruit nose that’s real different I like it.

Thank you @GoldCoastTerpenes once I cart up a few blends I’ll report smoke test. :facepunch:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


Well… Thankfully I get to follow @Cheebachiefextracts because he did a very good job describing the quality of these terpenes. We only shared the Purple Punch in what we received. The Sour Diesel that I received was on point, and is very close to the real thing (flower). Also the same with the Girl Scout Cookies. I haven’t mixed any into carts yet, but I will be doing that soon. Thanks for the sample Gold Coast! Like seriously, 3ml samples is straight First Class! Next time I’m on the hunt I’ll be checking you guys out!


How many 3ml samples received?

It’s been some time but I’ll say other botanical companies went to fucking town on trying to earn business when they were new to the market.

That’s a good thing they smell great off the bat.

I’m still trying to find who made some sour D botanicals so I can chew them out lol. Tastes like perfume.

At the stage where I won’t even sample botanicals (if aware) anymore.

Does gold coast plan to carry hemp or canna derived or only botanicals? Just curious.

Happy repurchasers are the key.
I see the need for bubble gum and real derived markets based on past vape work.

You can dm me to send a sample to a multi state team. I’ll have my partners in hemp give it a whirl.


None of them could be labeled as perfumy, thankfully. They would have been put down without further investigation had that been the case. The Girls Scout Cookies has a slight menthol to it, and I’m satisfied with the Sour D. I’m looking forward to giving them a go in a cart to see how they smoke out.
Edit: And sorry, I received 3, 3ml samples as shown in the pic.


I’m still looking to be a believer in a sellable botanical finished product and would gladly sample or review publicly or in private.


I got 5 or 6 samples, wound up running 3 so far just trying out hardware.

Jack Herer - put these in o2vape all glass. came out nice as noted above. good job on this one

Grape Ape - used with ascera x-75. very light flavor almost can’t taste it at 7%. sort of cough syrup-y but I always think that about grape flavors even when others love them.

Zkittlez - used in hiq new all ceramic and some gold leftovers. tastes a bit like the candy brand but if you made them with splenda or some kind of sugar substitute. I like it though.

looking forward to trying out the Peach OG and Sour Diesel

as for the hardware, very impressed with the Ascera and o2 all glass.


We currently sell only botanical who knows in the future. If you’d like a few samples I’ll need

Full name
Ship to address

I can be reached at

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They were great, thanks!

I’d love some samples

Thank you for your interest in Gold Coast. I’ll need your
Full name
Company name
Ship to address

Thanks again