Going rate for converting crude to distillate


Ive got a few k’s of crude that Im trying to get turned into distillate. was wondering what a fair price for both parties? Thank you in advance


Depends how good the processor is and what percentage and pigment of your material they will guarantee.


I charge 50% when given trim. For crude, id say 30% my take


This also depends on how good the crude is. If its properly washed, winterized, decarbd, etc. Give me crude loaded with chylorphyl and my % goes up


I give my buddy scrubbed winterized crude to run in his short path he takes 20%


I’d say the going rate is about $4500 and you can have enough for the rest of your life :stuck_out_tongue: just buy your own

It’s pretty easy to learn and even at a 20% cut on a few kegs you’ve paid off your equipment.

I’m sure you’ve already considered this, but 100% ROI on a day’s work is nothing to sneeze at.


I paid off ALL my rotovap, spd, and all my vacs with my 1st spd run. This one im doing for 50/50, is $ in my pocket, and all future runs.

This is as soon as i move all my 1st run of 400g of disty.


I really appreciate the feedback. I run an indoor grow and have been using my cls to make my material into higher end extracts but im sitting on 5 k’s crude right now. Ive been debating whether it would be worth the money/time to get the equip.and learn to convert to dist. Im weighing my options. I had someone offer a 50/50 on the crude but that seemed a lil high. Thanks again


Ill run it!

Im doing a run this weekend. Then ill be free. Im trying to get out of growing (flowering), and just do clones, and spd tolling.


That’s the plan very soon! I have many things on the back burner lol


I might possibly throw together a small short path


I was actually just hopping on with basically the same question. We run distillate at 50/50 but just had a customer today ask for just crude back and i thought around 30% was allright to ask for. What about if a customer wanted all of the distillate, and for that matter crude even, back for themselves? What kind of pricing is everyone working on that?


I do 50/50 split for green to disty processing and also charge 50/50 split for crude to oil or $3/g. For cleaning up distillate and making it lighter, i charge $1.25/g of finished product.
If the customer wanted to buy my portion of the distillate, i charge $5/g. If the person just wanted me to run trim to crude, i would charge $2/g of finished crude. The crude would be winterized, and devolitized before weighing