Going rate for CBD crude?

I have a quick question for you CBD guys. What is the going rate for crude with COA? I know next to nothing on the CBD side and someone wants to trade me 10 liters of CBD crude w/COA for my equipment. I have no clue what 10 liters is worth on the market. Can someone help me out. Preferable a price range where I won’t have issues sitting on it.

It’s decarbed and winterized. Also for a bonus, what is the rate for CBD disty?



You’re gonna want a potency test and description of how it was made

I’d guess 1000 a liter


I’m currently talking to a few labs that are offering 60% cbd crude for $500/kg. This is for non winterized/decarbbed however.

I’ll be pickup up 8kg crude @ $500/kg and also 1kg cbd isolate @ $1900 from my usual supplier next week.


The real question is what you are going to do with it… Do you have a buyer or a use for it?

We’ll find the bottom shortly. When future verifies me im going to blow out a bunch disty and isolate here.

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63% crude decarbed and winterized at $600 here.

Distillate $2500 and T-Free $3000 here.

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Lol youre gonna be pissed

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race to the bottom?

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Nothing to brag about and good for you :thinking:

I respectfully disagree. If my goal is to get cannabinoids affordably to the people I have full bragging rights😘


No matter how low you go, retail pretty much stays the same :clap::clap::champagne::tada:


I have a plan.

Thanks guys appreciate all the responses

You guys helped me decide that taking this dude’s 10L of crude is a shit deal.

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Relax, I’m not selling, only linking to products…

$1200 is the new low for CBD isolate

Wow and I thought I was getting a great deal at $1900 for a kg.

I imagine this price is for 100kg+ sized orders right?


Nope just the heart of Ashland deal.

Might have to take a drive over. I don’t broker and I’m not verified but hey, if you wanna reup on a big order I’ll go get samples and mail them in

1800 was a month ago.
1900 isn’t bad I hope it was 99.9 and really nice sweet cherry :cherries:
Expect more price drops.

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