Glycol chiller to power condensers, integrated with jacketed extraction tank.


I am considering building a glycol chiller system using this tank

Thought was to cut out slots in the top so that I can lower air conditioner coils into them and then weld back into place and then seal the holes where the pipes pass through- would like to be able to stack four 12000btu AC units (14kW of cooling? not sure if I am correct here)

Then cut out two holes in the top and weld in 2 5 gal stainless pails that can have ethanol poured in to chill, suction tube from air powered pump will be lowered in to remove ethanol post extraction.

I’d like to get this system chilled down to -45c.

Everything gets nicely insulated and encased, and the included fuel pump can supply glycol coolant to my rotos (10L 20L 50L) and 4in WFE condenser coils. planning on having a steel coil submerged in dry ice before each condenser inlet as well.

EDIT thinking maybe just run 9in wide steel tubes down the middle and weld them to the bottom for ethanol reservoir/soak tanks, instead of buckets. or maybe 4x six inch tubes.


From experience the dry ice slurry coils usually clog up unless theres is absolute constant flow when usinf a glycol mixed coolant.
Why not use alcohol as ur coolant if ur using a fuel pump?


I’m not using dry ice slurry, I’m chilling the coolant using a bank of four 12k BTU AC units. the dry ice is just a prechill column that a steel condenser runs through.

EDIT also that fuel pump is not rated for flammable fuels.


Then what are u using to chill ur prechill column?


OH I understand what you mean now- sorry been a long day.

I am assuming constant flow here- its being pumped through a glass condenser coil on rotovap— I have never run a condenser without constant flow.

Pardon my dense ness I drove 400miles today and half of it was in a rip roaring blizzard.


Make sure u use ethylene it goes the lowest i believe, or maybe even a really expensive coolant from one of the lab companies that arent flammable. the rest of the ur idea sounds great to me


Auto shop antifreeze treated with anticorrosives is about $8 a gal I need about 30gal- I scaled way down I can’t afford the huge system and it doesn’t make sense having all that extra liquid way too much- overkill- spend the money that would go to drum of glycol on better cooling systems.

Looking at a 53gal steel tank 24x24x24 with an 8in triclamp spool that goes all the way thru and out the bottom fitted with a filter plate and valve/ drain- AC units affixed to all 4 sides- triclamp lid on top with fitting to a pressure tank-

Drain all solvent after soak then proceed to pressurize to 14.7psi equiv absolute vacuum then push solvent out- no need to centerfuge the flower should be dry after a few blasts- it’s a jacketed nutche filter sans agitation that also provides chilling to the solvent recovery system.