GLG Washington DC Metro Area - Members

Hello All.

Are there any GLG members in the Washington DC metro area?

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About to be but def down for some networking. I’m in Baltimore

@TouchPoint are you GLG?

@Future. Yes. I am GLG. I received notice a couple weeks ago.

Fixed that for ya :call_me_hand:t3:

Thank you

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im going to be in the dc area with a couple of Buddys we are also looking to network

@Cannacrabber. I am in Rockville MD.

@lucky11, when are you coming into the DC area?

I wil be there on the 31st

ill be in Harve de Grace from Tues to Saturday this week.

Gonna be doing some MTB riding in Susquehanna State Park and Probably head up to Deleware for a half a day and hit White Clay Creek for a little. Anyone that wants to blaze or talk shop…hit me up!

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Killa you know imma hit you up. Anyone else man I’m all for a event and will help facilitate In any way I can.

@Killa12345 and @Cannacrabber. I would love to connect.

MTB as in Mountain Terrain Biking?

Hope to connect …

Where n when!!! Killa won’t be intown long I’m always here but I can facilitate a place to hang out smoke out and share some ideas . We could meet in DC whatever! If you need help with anything like getting around idk if you drove down but I can help. I could throw together a danksgiving feast!? Just lmk we can make this happen ! I’m a extraction rookie. I would love to sit down and talk terps. Killa is the stainless slinger of the east coast best prices around on CLS I’m sure we could all benefit from some networking. I’m about to officially get my glg membership started I just been slacking

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Shit mountain biking I’m game . I’ll hit you up later today killa

Yeah mountain biking. If I’m going somewhere and the weather is ok. I’m bringing or renting a bike. In Maryland case, bringing cause rentals are non-existing in that area.

Susquehanna State Park looks awesome.

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White Clay Creek is hard to beat man! Worked for that park for a few years and the trails have only gotten better since.

ive gone there several times. i usually ride there every trip…its definitely the better riding in the area

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You make it here safe my friend?

@TouchPoint, @Cannacrabber I’m up in Frederick, MD. Always down for linking. I’d def be interested in putting some work in to get an event here.

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