GLg glassblowing classes

I wanna gauge interest in a GLG scientific glassblowing demonstration/lesson series -

To teach our members how to make and repair their glass- I see so many examples of easily fixed poor design/broken glass that could
Be fixed with basic glassworking knowledge- it seem like a valuable skill to have for our community and I have access to some incredibly talented glssworkers who would be happy to teach- can I get a roll call?


Interest level : 11 (Turnt up)


I second that. Crank that shit to 11.

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I have a bong that got a crack about a week ago I would love to see repaired. It Got injured during a runin with a bobcat about a week ago and has a bunch of sentimental value, I’d love to learn how to do it


where can i sign up shit i’ve been dying to add this to my tool belt

If it’s in California I would be interested


or capture @beaker style…

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Digs out broken snoddy & graphix…Volume dial broke @ 11. VW van won’t start - Uber up & let’s do this.


This would be great.:call_me_hand:

I’ll get a glg membership next fucking year if glassblowing is offered @ a discount for all glg members. As long as you offer it in Massachusetts I’ll do it.


If everyone knew how difficult it was to get scientific glassblowing training, they would travel to Mars to do it. Invaluable and I rely on what I learned nearly 40 years ago. I must say though it seems a lot harder to find glass nowadays than what I remember. I used to have 4 foot long Pyrex tubes laying around everywhere now have trouble even buying them.


I love this idea, and fully support it!


I believe @Lampworker might be someone to ask about this

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Also if any of you follow @doctorbulb on insta he is based out of Eugene and is incredibly skilled- he’s who I am thinking of when I think about getting some glass workshops together


Anyone here have a suitable venue? I’ll be hunting for one at bizcon and have a few ideas- but in general where would be a good location for this type of event?

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I live at an rv park with a bunch of cabins, 2 apartments, lodges, tent sites, and about 80 rv spots. Could work out lodging discounts for GLG. We also have indoor and outdoor group kitchen facilities. (Used to be owned by an old school medical cannabis personality but unfortunately for everyone who likes stories they sold it about a year and a half ago)

Anyway we have a lot of space, and if they are not okay with the classes on the property the neighboring property is a fairgrounds with tons of space and an empty warehouse building, a stage with seating and they do private events.

Also quite a few hotel/motel options nearby

I’m in the foothills about an hour and a half from Sacramento


PA or CA maybe.
No way we wanna do this in TX :thinking:


I’ll be there !!! Great skill to know!

@Rowan. What are your venue specifications?

How big… estimate square footage?

Estimate attendee specifications?

Electricity requirements?

Any information about the space that you want would help ?

Thank you.

Coachella Valley in So. Cal. needs this!!!