Glassware/lab glass

I picked up a buttload of labglass from a microscope shop near my lab. It has probably 20 of the distilling heads located in the lower right hand of the picture and probably 20 of the tri neck boiling flask and probably 15 Sep funnels of various sizes and 1 LARGE cromotography tube and 1 small chromatography tube (I think that is what they are)

I paid 400 for the lot. There is WAY more here not pictured but I only grabbed the Sep funnels and other usefully looming stuff for now

Anyways I am wondering if someone can point me in the direction of plugs and vacuum connection to turn my chromo tube into a dcvc setup and get it running like what is shown in some of the dcvc vids in the threads on future.
I have also a bunch of the U shaped flask and alot of odd shaped glassware also.

Any ideas on what some of these are or if anybody wants some (some of these are really old university pieces) just say so.
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The dcvc is best performed in a short column.
Did you check out the video?

@beaker you got any advice for @rushfarm?


We can help if you’d like. We have lots of adapters and we can make them in any variation

Awesome. I will get some more pics soon and measurement for it when I get back to the shop.

I did yes Spxhlet and I am wondering if the taller column would allow for more material to be ran in the setup with more packed magsil or silicate.

How much does the length matter? Could I not just use a smaller amount of silicate and not make it so long?

Can DCVC be done in a hochstrom?
Thanks for inputs.

Yeah, dcvc can be performed with a buchner funnel. I dont think more media is what your after here, dcvc uses a series of solvent mixes, each one will elute different components from the column. The stationary phase is really just holding the mixture that is being seporated.
If anything you would want a wider column, that would allow for bigger seporations.


DCVC works best with a shorter column. I have a taller one but with DCVC all you end up doing with a taller one is using more solvent and silica gel. It is width that governs how much you can load really. In a way the taller you go with DCVC the more you start to suffer overlapping bands. They will separate towards the top of the column but then another few inches down they start to blend together again past a certain point.

You are right to advise a good look at University of Coppenhagen’s site because that guy is spot on the leading authority and I run successful DCVC runs by duplicating the video pretty darn close. It is tempting to try to improve upon what is shown but those guys already did all the improving needed and are showing exactly how to run it. :nerd_face:


Awesome. I guess I don’t fully understand the separation lengths YET but the length making the compounds recombine later in the seperation also makes sense. Thank you for the insight.

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Awesome. I won’t try to reinvent the wheel. I was wondering now if the column. I have can just be half loaded to 6inch such as in the video and still achieve similar results.

I half loaded mine until I got a smaller one. It makes it hard to pack the column unless you have a packing rod cut pretty long is all. I always try to dry load as well so extra space on top is convenient if loading a lot of compound. Packing the column correctly is absolutely crucial. Things must be very uniform throughout the length of the column for this to work right. If you get banding or vertical streaking inside the column then almost certainly the packing of the column is at fault.

Good luck. DCVC is fun to watch as the colors separate and it gives great visual insight just what it is you are dealing with in the compound.


Soxhlet, I saw you post a cheap alternative to magsil in another thread but cannot find it now. Could you direct me to that please.

It wont work for pesticide remediation, but here you go.

Here is the PR grade if you need a cheap source for pesticide remediation as well. This about 1/2 price of the current market rate.


ty soxhlet

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dammmm. that is crazy cheap

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