Glass Jar Curing in Compliant Settings

Hey guys,

I am currently working on implementing procedures and installing the correct gear for extracting some live resin / sauce in a California compliant environment.

Naturally, the fire marshal is not going to like us pressurizing glass jars in a compliant environment. My investors are also not to keen on spending insane amounts of money on “diamond miner” pressure vessels. He is also not going to like us putting butane rich extracts in an oven that is not a class 1 division 1 “Explosion Proof” oven - most ovens out there don’t meet this qualification. We also shouldn’t even really be taking those jars out of the C1D1 until they’ve finished offgassing enough to no longer create an explosive environment around the jar.

I don’t necessarily need the biggest diamonds, I just need to make some passable live resin in a way that works. Even some sugar is fine.

I have been toying around with using jars that have pin-sized blowhole on the top to prevent pressurization, and curing them on pan racks in our class 1 division 1 extraction room on pan racks until they have offgassed enough to take out safely. Have also been looking at self-burping fermenting jar lids, anyone ever tried to cure live with these?

I know at least one person who makes diamonds (in person, I’ve seen the diamonds myself) who says he does the whole process at room temperature. I’m hoping I can make it work this way too, but we will be able to have ovens for the very end of the process if it needs a little help with the very last bit of off-gassing.

As long as the extract isn’t off-gassing enough to create an explosive environment when we take it out of the C1D1, we should be okay by the fire marshal.

So, who wants to help me out with a super awesome 110% California compliant diamond mining tek?