Giant Rosin Press - Large Scale Hemp


Anyone ever heard of these guys?

Their diagram seems to showcase a giant spiked press with secondary etoh sprayers… It’s a very bizzare design (by bizzare I mean unlike anything conventional that we’ve seen).

Is this just another pipedream waiting for financing or can anyone vouche for this ?


Did someone say giant rosin press
200 ton




That looks like a giant mess!


looks like a mess!


I was fucking around on my rosin press the other day and I had an increased yield on the first press by slightly wetting my material with true terpenes. I could see how wetting with ethanol would help juice some product.

**Edited because columbo is scared for my safety and yours


Jeez man, plz don’t end up on the news - keep away from ignition sources!


This is interesting. My vote is for “too many drugs/pipe dream” but I could be wrong. Would have to see it in person or something with a LOT more detail before making any kind of real determination.