Gh feeding chart

Hello there friends I recently got back into growing after taking a break does any one have a better feeding chart then the gh one they have online I feal like the ppm is way to low during the flowering cycle I tried double the chart but it barely puts the ppm at 1100 on week 4 thank u for some insight

I run megacrop and never go above 1.3-1.4 ec during the first few weeks of flower then indrop it down around 1.2 ec the remainder

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I use technaflora B.C. Three part Line. Boost, grow and bloom, plus Magical, their magnesium iron calcium supplement.

I don’t use their “recipe for success”. I mix Boost and grow 2:1, Boost and Bloom 1:1, and add a little maGical because I grow in coco.

I flower around 2.4 ec., 1200 PPM. Veg around 1.8 EC, 900 PPM.

Sometimes I feed half strength during flower, and wind strength down at the end, until I flush.

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