Getting started making BHO

Hello all!

Recently I have been getting into making rosin and want to tackle making BHO extracts. I know I will be using a closed loop system and have done some research but have a few questions. Also any advice through dm would be great.

  1. Getting started I won’t be doing large quantities. I’ve seen some smaller 45g closed loop setups but was curious if you need to fill these too the max each time or can you do smaller amounts? Are there smaller units available?

  2. Any resources people know of for self teaching?

  3. Recommendations for beginner setups?

I appreciate any help or input. Thanks!

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@Killa12345 is the man you should talk to. His equipment is quality and he will walk you through all the way. Best customer service ever!


Well I sent message but haven’t heard from him :frowning: I just don’t know what to look for in terms of picking out quality equipment. I’m not looking for anything large scale maybe a pound or two at most for capacity. I know the process can be dangerous so I’m looking to be safe as possible.

He can’t ship out until nthe 20 or 25th or something like that. Chinese New year

Check out
They have all their non certified steel on sale 50% off.
I recently purchased a LFE system of theirs for 2k!
Doesn’t come with the pump or oven but comes with everything else.
I bumped mine up with an extra heat exchanger, bigger recovery tank (nice stainless steel), dry ice sleeved material column and a couple extra columns for and extra 500$.

Best value vacs always has sales online like 20% off. Mighr seems pricey but have always gotten quality products from them. Google local extraction equipment in your area, i found a great store 2 hours away from me that way in michigan. If your only doing 50gram or less runs i wouldnt reccoment a closed loop, usually only worth it if your running more than a QP. They sell 90gram ones at best value that hold close to 60grams, they come with 2 end pieces for open blasting or closed. And to answer your other question about filling your tubes up full to run you by all means do not have to. You could fill it up 5%full 20%full 90% full and it will extract just fine, only thing i do recommend not to do when filling is do not pack super compressed.

And dont blast direct onto parchment paper like ive ben seeing people do lately lol


So since I’d like to do smaller amounts I’d be better off open blasting? Or am I just not understanding that right.

Open blasting is extremely dangerous so use precaution. But with smaller amounts a closed loop wouldnt be worth it unless ya buy something that can be upgraded bigger after

I guess I’m just curious why it’s not worth it?

If ya got 1000 or 2000 then go for the closed

If you wanna be cheapqnd dont have money for equipment then open blast

Well I’m sure I can get a grand or two around for a nice one but I guess I just don’t want to spend that much for junk.

Don’t open blast man, it’s just a bad idea. I think @Killa12345 is out of town til next week, I’m sure he’ll get at you as soon as he can. I think a closed loop system in the size your looking for can be had for less than 800 but I’m not positive.


Yeah 800 sounds about right, having a bigger collection plate/shatter platter will help to have in the beginning so to upgrade you would only have to buy a bigger column.

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Where/what should I be looking for when it comes to quality?

Boro or metglass sight glass, minimum of viton gaskets, shatter plate for easy poor off, at least a jacketed material column if not a jacketed material and Dewax column, preferably a solvent tank and collection vessel that are large enough to upgrade column size without having to upgrade the entire setup. Depending on your level of curiosity/experimentation you may want additional spools and filter plates.

I’m in a similar boat in terms of CLS with much the same questions but I’ve been open blasting < 2 oz amounts for years. I’ve heavy into researching the past couple of weeks after having not researched CLS since GW was doing his skunkpharm/lil terp thing.

  1. Glaciertanks sells 1" spools. the 1"x12" could probably hold like 30-35g, the 1x6 15-17g, etc. I’ve never seen sleeved options at these small sizes.

  2. Not sure how much info you need or what you’re looking for specifically. This site has served as my resource for self-teaching, wiki + old college chem/physics textbooks for the chemistry/physics references, IG for inspiration, icmag/reddit/skunkpharm for more reading. You really just gotta read a lot. A lot of the best info/tips out there is buried deep and took people time to arrive to so the best info won’t be easily available. If you need something really basic for closed loops, google brought up Closed Loop 101

  3. Depends. You mean a prebuilt system? One that has been pressure and vac tested? @Killa12345 is well recommended around here. Personally I’m gonna piece something together because I’m stubborn and like learning.

These are the things I’m going for with my setup:

  • PTFE/Viton envelope gaskets only – forget buna-n. Viton is okay, PTFE is better. PTFE cold flows and you have to clamp down on hard to get a good seal so PTFE/Viton envelope gaskets are even better – elasticity of viton + properties of PTFE. Then you have things like Gylock Gylon Bio-Pro which have a nice operating range but I haven’t seen much comments. Look good though.

  • 1.5" x 12" sleeved column for smaller runs ~70g, 2" x 12" for ~120g sleeved column for next size up. Sleeved for the dry ice (+ alcohol) that will help keep your material at temp while running as well as maintain your solvent a liquid.

  • Boro or metaglas sight glasses (if any at all).

  • Shatter plate – you don’t wanna have to get your oil outta some deep container. Some will be lost to the container. A smaller shatter plate is also easier to handle.

  • Inline sanitary 3-piece valve with PTFE seals to go above the collection tank and under the (optionally used) dewaxing section. I’m basically making a smaller capacity version of @killa1235’s complete setup.

  • More filters/screen are better than one filter/screen. Ideal for flow and efficiency is a progression of multiple filters configured from larger to smaller filter porosity.

  • High pressure clamps for everything. LJ Star makes some nice clamps but $$$ so I’ll be going with china clamps with replaced nuts/bolts.

  • PRV valve – honestly don’t think I need it but getting cause safety.

  • Compound gauges – necessary for pressure/vacuum testing, knowing what the status is, etc.

  • A Torque wrench – for when you’re tightening the clamps. Gasket material dictates force required.

Hope this helps.

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