Getting rid of some equipment

Hey all,

I’ve got some equipment for sale for you today:

50L Rotovap – complete with an extra set of all glass pieces that have never been opened
50L/-80C Chiller
-40C cold trap

Cascade Purepath 100 + KitA
All Huber chillers/heaters/recirculators that come with it. Everything is still under warranty.

20 or so kgs of full spectrum distillate. 85%+ CBD, 90%+ total cannabinoids. No heavy metals or pesticides. Had a couple individual kilos leftover from different batches so I homogenized them and am sending them out for testing today. I didn’t want to post that many COAs, but all of the individual liters were around that mark. $800/kg I guess? Idk

Prices are negotiable on everything. But I think I’d like to start with $100k or best offer for the cascade with Type-A. It’s under a year old, clean, and still under warranty.

Located in Florida; buyer pays for shipping.

How much ballpark for the cold trap?

What is the price of the Chiller? Thanks

HI interested in Roto and chiller. Can you PM specs prices pics please?

Chiller price thx