Getting ready for my first SPD run. need tips regarding equipment

I just ordered this

2L Short Path Distillation Standard Set w/Vacuum Pump & Chiller (lab 1st) from amazon

and a bullseye vacuum guage and kangaroo thermometer.

is there anything else you guys recommend ?

BTW im currently using a Medxtractor CO2 machine and i have a rotovap. so im getting ready for the distillation step

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You seem pretty set equipment-wise with a turnkey system.

  • A good elliptical spinbar for your flask is a plus.
  • A hotplate or oven to properly decarb beforehand is a must to avoid bumping. Can also be done in a rotovape, but valuable solvent recovery time is lost.
  • A heat gun, but I wouldn’t go too hot with Chinese glass.
    Wish you luck. Study up on SOPs.

Can you share detailed photos of the medextractor

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Welcome to the Future! I understand that this is your first post! Just to let you know, this post is 2 years old, and the member you replied to hasn’t posted since June, 2020. Just letting you know so that you if you don’t receive a reply that might be why.
Here’s a review done by the venerable @Graywolf! It has pictures, and performance reviews! Enjoy: 16.2.7 Field testing the Medxtract Essential (

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That’s a different system. He’s talking about this