Getting Distillate of parchment paper

First post here, dont know if I posted in the right place. But I need help. I got some THC distillate today wich I plan to make carts from. But the distillate came in a parchment paper and I dont know how to get it of. How do I remove it without compromising the quality the easiest way.

Freeze, immediately peel off when frozen.

Slap the person who put it on parchment paper


I read somewhere that if I put in the freezer it can get some moisture damage, is that true? And yes feels like he should know better.

Only if there is/was moisture present before freezing


If you don’t want moisture risk, roll it into a parchment / distillate burrito and put it into a wide mouth Mason jar in the oven and let it drip down into the Mason jar.


refrigerator is fine


Thx for all the quick replies guys. I think Im gonna try the burrito jar technique if I can find a big enough jar